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Saturday, 5 April 2014

E Is For: Evilicious Extravaganza

Magical Moon

Snow White's stepmother, Evilia looked around the moonlit garden of her castle. The patrons, mostly witches, seemed to be enjoying their feast. Why shouldn't they? She had spent countless hours planning the menu for her monthly moonlight Evilicious Extravaganza and hiring staff.

Staff! She couldn't understand why the ungrateful wretches quit so soon after they were hired. Pity she hadn't turned them into zombies and have permanent servants. Good help was hard to get, but luckily there was the slouchy pruned face servant, Delfin, to rely on.

Evilia poured herself a goblet of Witches Brew when Cruella deVil approached.

"Cruella, it's been so long. Where have you been?"

"I've been staying at Cinderella's Country Cottage. You simply must go my dear. You look haggard, for lack of a better word."

Evilia gritted her teeth. Haggard! "I know I'm looking fantastic Cruella, so don't push it!"

"Hah! You're still obsessed about your looks. I saw Snow White recently. Such a beauty, is she here?"

"No, she couldn't make it. Excuse me, I must play nice with my other guests," said Evilia, walking away.


Humph! She didn't want to be reminded of her stepdaughter. After the prince married Snow White, Evilia tried to make amends, but Snow White refused to accept her apologies, as well as the basket of fruit she brought. Untainted.

The awful girl ignored her and would never attend one of her Evilicious parties. Well, no-one can accuse me of not trying, even if I don't mean it.

"Hey Evilia, these Batty- Joes are delicious," commented a witch.

"You should try the Toad Stew, it's hopping hot!" remarked another witch, cackling.

Evilia laughed. She joined in the dance called the Witches Tango and decided to forget about Snow White, at least for now. The night was magical and she felt youthful and happy, despite the low turnout of party goers. Drat that #AtoZ challenge. Everyone was a blogging nut these days.

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