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Monday, 7 April 2014

F Is For: Faithful Friends Forever

1947 Jaguar MK IV Limousine

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go!” sang the Seven Dwarfs as they climbed into Doc's 1947 Jaguar MK IV Limousine. Happy was the elected driver to take them to work. Grumpy was upset because the others wouldn't let him drive anymore. He had a bad case of road rage. 

The brothers were snappily dressed in Brook Brothers suits, and their hair and beards neatly trimmed. Living with Snow White had taught them a thing or two about proper grooming. Doc carried a metal attache’ case which was secured to his wrist by a chain.

Happy soon drove into the garage of the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Emporium.

"Don't forget we're having lunch with friends at the Fairy Rock Cafe," Doc said as they entered the building.

"Cool," Sneezy replied with a sniffle. His allergies were acting up again.

"I can't wait to eat their yummy Fairy Cakes," whispered Bashful.

"Me too," yawned Sleepy, patting Dopey's head.

Fairy Cakes

The dwarfs spent a busy morning selling diamonds that Doc had carried in his attache' case. Soon it was time to leave for their lunch date. After making a quick stop at the florist, they headed to the Fairy Rock Cafe.

Snow White, Cinderella and Dr. Alice were already seated at a table. Also present were the Queen of Hearts who invited herself, and the March Hare, who decided to hop along. The Seven Dwarfs presented the ladies with flowers.

Everyone was happy, even Grumpy. The Queen of Hearts had taken a liking to him. The friends exchanged the latest news and joked as they ate.

"Where's Sleeping Beauty?" Doc asked, as he ate a Dumbo Double Burger. All the items on the menu were named after fairy tale characters.

"Oh, that's another story best saved for another time," laughed Snow White, taking a bite of Cheshire Cat Cheesecake.

"I can't wait to hear it," said Alice, playfully pinching Bashful's cheek, just to see him blush.

Happy ordered another round of Peter Pan Punch and a batch of Tinkerbell Tarts.

"My, how time flies," said Alice looking at her watch. "I have another patient to see shortly."

"There she goes again, pretending to be a doctor!" exclaimed the Queen of Hearts, making a cuckoo sign with her finger.

The others exchanged smiles. Doc paid the bill, and the friends made plans to have another lunch date. G, it was fun!

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The Seven Dwarfs

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