Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G Is For: Guilty Goldilocks

Dr. Alice hastily brushed her hair while sitting at her desk. She had barely made it back to her Wonderland Retreat after having lunch with The Seven Dwarfs, Snow White and Cinderella. The Queen of Hearts and March hare didn't want to be excluded, so they went with her to the Fairy Rock Cafe.

Dr. Alice pressed the intercom. "You can send in the patient now, Little Bo Peep." After Little Bo peep lost her sheep, she needed another source of income, and applied for the available receptionist position at Wonderland Retreat. Let the sheep find their wagging tails home.

Little Bo Peep

The door opened and Goldilocks walked in and lay on the hot pink couch. She looked very unhappy.

"Goldilocks, why are you so sad?"


"I read a copy of The Daily Buzz. Everyone in Honeyville, Bearsylvania is blaming me for Baby Bear's honey snatching addiction, because I entered the Bears home without their consent. You should see the hate mail I get. Not to mention social medias."

"Do you think they're right? I understand you also broke a chair. You could have been charged for breaking and entering."

"It was wrong of me, but I was younger then. Things are different now. I work for a private security firm designing alarm systems. You have no idea how easy it is to break into homes. I get paid to do that in order to test their security."

" It sounds exciting. Why did you come to see me, Goldilocks?"

"Because I feel so guilty for ruining Baby Bear's life. What can I do to help him?"

"I can see that you've been worrying about this for awhile. You took the first step by admitting to the house breaking crime, and want to make amends. This is not an easy problem that will go away. Baby Bear (aka Bandit Bear) needs all the love and support he can get. I will have to talk to his family. You're not on Papa and Mama Bear's favourite list of people right now, so don't get your hopes up."

"Thank you Dr. Alice," said Goldilocks, wiping a tear that rolled down her cheek. She was given a giant lollipop as she left the office, and kept her fingers crossed.

Evidence of Goldilocks fleeing the Bears home.

Images courtesy of www.wikimediacommons,org
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