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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

H Is For: Home Bear In The Hood

Bandit Bear

Baby Bear, aka "Bandit Bear" wasn't his usual boisterous self today. No, he was feeling poorly. In fact, he was downright miserable. The sweet loot he had stashed away for a rainy day was extremely low. It was raining cats and dogs outside. There was no way he was going out in that weather to find some honey.

Baby Bear thought of asking his neighbours for a jar or two to keep him going, but decided not to.They weren't particularly fond of him, especially after he swiped old Ben's 5 gallon pail of honey from his shed. 

Life wasn't easy for Baby Bear since living on his own in Bears Hood. There were times when he wished he was back in his family home. He would not be hungry now, that's for sure. Mama Bear always cooked a lot, and her porridge and honey cakes would have made a tasty treat right now.

Baby Bear and a few other home bears from the hood often hung out together, and they held a Honey Buzz every Friday. Each bear took turns hosting the event at their homes. Baby Bear always looked forward to the Buzz.

Everyone who attended brought a jug of honey (BYOH). Unfortunately, things had gotten so bad he could not even do that. The other home bears decided not to include Baby Bear in anymore Buzzes, because he had a bad habit of drinking other bears' honey. Who needs a bunch of losers for friends! he fumed.

One of the things Baby Bear regretted was swiping a jar of honey from the Nutten But Honey Store. It was owned by Sally, a bear he had a crush on ever since they were cubs. What possessed me to do such an awful thing to the bear of my dreams?

His tummy growled again. He'll just have to grin and bear it, and eat the rainy day stash sparingly until he could get more honey. What's going to happen to me? he asked himself. That's what I want to know too.

Honey Jar

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