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Monday, 14 April 2014

L Is For: Lil Red In A Hood

Lil Red In A Hood

Lil Red parked her car and hurried up the walkway to the Sunny Brook Retirement Home. She had a basket of flowers she had selected from her flower shop named The Blooming Florist, some fruit, and a few freshly baked prune danish pastries from the bakery. Grandma always liked those best. When Grandma became too feeble to care for herself, Lil Red talked her into selling her cottage in the lonely woods and moving into a home where she would be properly cared for.

Flowers for Grandma

"Psst, hey girl, ya lookin' fine this morning. Sizzling! Are those for me?" said a voice in a soft spoken drawl.

Lil Red turned around and rolled her eyes when she realised who had spoken.

"Oh, it's you, Wolfie. Up to no good, as always."


"Oh, c'mon, Little Red Riding Hood. Ya sure know how to hurt a guy's feelings. I'll have ya know I work here now, cleaning out the ladies... uh, I mean cleaning the floors."

"First of all, I no longer go by the name Little Red Riding Hood. It's Lil Red now. Secondly, if I hear that you're trying to con these sweet little old ladies, my Granny included, I'll put you back in jail where you belong!"

"What! Who me? I'm a changed guy, lil sweet thing. A wolf ya can trust. I'll make sure Granny is well cared for. How bout you... fancy a cup of coffee later? I know this quiet place out in the woods..."

"Humph! Once a wolf, always a wolf. My mother told me to beware of wolves like you. Pity I didn't take her advice that day. Look what happened to Grandma and me. For the last time, it's Lil Red."

"Ya not the gullible innocent girl I remembered picking flowers. Ya were so easy to sweet talk back then. What happened to ya?"

Lil Red In Her Youth

"I grew up, wiser. The world is filled with wolves like you, always preying on the weak and innocent. You tricked me when I was younger, but it won't happen again. Be warned Wolfie."

"Aw man. Ya sure have changed. But I'm a wolf who never gives up. I know how to charm the ladies. I'll be back, Lil Red," Wolfie said, picking up his mop and bucket.

"I can read you like a book, Wolfie. Your plan won't work," replied Lil Red as she went in to see her Grandma. She knew how to keep the wolves at bay.

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