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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M Is For: Making Up Is Sweet As Honey

Bandit Bear

After spending a miserable rainy day at home with a growling tummy constantly reminding him that he needed food, Bandit Bear knew he had to make some changes in his life. The first thing he did was call Dr. Alice of Wonderland Retreat. She was always so nice and he felt comfortable talking to her.

It was she who talked him into coming today and arranged a meeting with his parents. Mama Bear refused to have Goldilocks attend when it was suggested. She could never forgive Goldilocks for letting her Baby Bear turn into a honey snatching addict. There was a time when she wanted the girl punished, but decided not to take action.

Time heals all wounds, she often told Papa Bear.

"Bandit Bear, do you have anything to say to your parents?" asked Dr. Alice.

"Uh, ye, yes," Bandit Bear stammered nervously. "I'm sorry for the pain and embarrassment you went through when I became a villain. I don't know why I thought it would be cool to steal honey and cause mischief."

Mama Bear did her best to keep back the tears, but it was no use. The tears kept rolling down her cheeks, and Papa Bear handed her the box of tissues from Dr. Alice's desk. Bandit Bear felt guilty watching the parents he loved so much suffer because of him.

"Do you really want to change, or are you just saying that so you can get money from  your parents to buy the sweet stuff in larger quantities?" asked Dr. Alice, while taking notes.

'I want to change. I don't like being chased by the Bear Patrol, and being locked up in Honeyville Jail is not nice at all. Too many persons have been hurt because of me and I want to make amends," confessed Bandit Bear. He felt like crying too, but pride refused to let the tears fall.

"You have a honey snatching addiction and that is not something that easily goes away. You will need therapy to help you recover. Are you willing to do that?" asked Dr. Alice.

"Yes, I am," replied Bandit Bear, nodding his head.

"Dr. Alice, please do whatever it takes to bring our boy home where he belongs," pleaded Papa Bear.

"We miss him so much," uttered Mama Bear, reaching out to Bandit Bear, who gladly went to his parents and the three hugged each other in an emotional reunion.

"Well, the first thing I recommend is that Bandit Bear change his nickname and just return to plain old Baby Bear, at least until he can come up with a better nickname to use," said Dr. Alice with a smile.

"Yes, I'll do that. Another thing I want to do is return to the Nutten But Honey Store and apologise to Sally Bear for hurting her, and stealing the bottle of honey from the store. It was wrong of me and I didn't realise just how much my addiction had gotten out of hand until recently. I really like her and hope she will be friends with me, after I recover," said Baby Bear with a slight grin.

"Oh, I guess we may end up changing our names from the Three Little Bears to the Four Little Bears, if you get lucky, son," laughed Papa Bear, feeling proud of his son who appeared to be making small, but positive changes in his life.

Mama Bear cried more tears, but this time they were done in joy. She knew it would take awhile for their son to recover from his addiction, but they were back together as a family and their love would see them through.

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