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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N Is For: Night Out With The Boys

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The Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs looked around the crowded room of the Fairy Rock Cafe. The music was playing and Happy tapped his feet to the rhythm. A waitress escorted them to an empty table and took their orders.

"It sure feels good to have a night on the town," Sleepy remarked, drinking a glass of Peter Pan Punch.

"Yes, we've worked very hard this week in the mines and at the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Emporium. It's time we had a little fun," Doc replied as the food came. The Dumbo Double Burger was his favourite food at the Fairy Rock Cafe.

Grumpy took a big bite of the Captain Hook Submarine he had ordered and smiled with delight. These subs were so cheesy with lots of pickles. Just the way he liked it. His only complaint was that he finished it too quickly and ordered another.

Captain Hook Sub

Everyone was in a good mood. They joined in the singing with the other patrons and Happy danced with Little Bo Peep, who had a day off from working at the Alice Wonderland Retreat. She had come with her closest friends, Mary, who had a little lamb and Little Boy Blue, who liked to blow his horn.

Little Bo Peep
Little Bo Peep and her friends joined the Seven Dwarfs at their table. Another round of Peter Pan Punch was ordered, along with more Dumbo Double Burgers, Fairy Fries, Cheshire Cat Cheesecake, and a batch of Tinkerbell Tarts. Of course, they could not resist the Fairy Cakes either.

Fairy Cakes

"Mary, where is your little lamb?" asked Sneezy, who remembered to take his allergy medication this time.

"I left it with Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh so I could hang out with my friends," said Mary, reaching for another Tinkerbell Tart.

"I wonder if my sheep found their wagging tails home," Little Bo Peep remarked, as she got up to dance again, this time with Dopey, who seemed rather reluctant to dance. Doc smiled when he saw Dopey's expression.

"Are you going to keep them if they do return?" asked Dopey, trying to be a good sport on the dance floor.

"I think I will, if they promise not to run off again. I hate it when I can't find my sheep. It's annoying."

The music was really good and soon the others joined Little Bo Peep and Dopey on the floor. Mary and Little Bo Peep had a grand time exchanging partners, seeing that they were the only females in the group. The friends partied into the night, drinking rounds of Peter Pan Punch, and didn't leave until the staff told them it was time to close.

Plans were made to have another night on the town. Little Bo Peep and her friends walked as they lived nearby, and the Seven Dwarfs left in Doc's car, with Happy as the driver. 

Peter Pan Punch

Hmm! I wonder what they put in the Peter Pan Punch that makes everyone so happy.

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