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O Is For: Organising The "Z" Ball

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Beauty & The Beast

"We only have 11 days to prepare for the "Z" Ball," said Prince Beast, looking at the roses.

"That's not much time, but knowing Cinderella, I don't need to worry. Her organisational skills are legendary," Princess Beauty commented, as they strolled around the gardens of Cinderella's Country Cottage.

Cinderella's Country Cottage

"You're right, darling. She'll make our ball a success," the Beast replied, kissing his wife's hand.

"Have you two made up your minds on the festivities you want for the big day?" asked Cinderella, carrying her organiser.

"No, we're still undecided, but welcome any suggestions you have. My beloved Beast wouldn't mind if we included Joker games, as he loves to play. But I was thinking of...Oh, I  really don't have a clue, Cinderella!" laughed Beauty.

"Don't worry, Beauty. Planning a function is not as easy as it looks. The Joker games can be played much later in the night, and we can have a few bridge games for the ladies, to add balance. Of course, these can be played when some persons will be too tired from dancing, although that's what I'd much prefer they do," said Cinderella with a smile, as she made notes.

"I knew you were the best person to organise our ball."

"Oh Beauty, it's so nice of you to say that."

"Ladies, I see Prince Charming standing by the door, so I'll leave you two to do the planning, as I know the main responsibility I will have is paying the bill," said Prince Beast, pretending to frown. Beauty gave him a playful nudge in his side as he walked away.

"Men!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, I know. They rarely want to help with the planning, but maybe we're better off. You wouldn't want to end up with a Joker party instead of the ball as intended."

" Now that would be a spoiler for me. One thing I do know I want, is lots of flowers...roses and orchids. Beast is fond of them."

"That's  a lovely selection. Lil Red owns The Blooming Florist where I get most of my floral  arrangements. I'll give her a call. You sent the invitations out already, and the menu was arranged the last time we spoke. The only thing we have to worry about is the weather and what we are going to wear," said Cinderella with a smile.

"I haven't decided on the gown as yet. It's so confusing with so many beautiful ones to choose from."

"I'm having that problem too. But think of the fun we're going to have," replied Cinderella as they went to join their husbands. Beauty agreed, knowing they were going to celebrate the challenges of April in grand style.

Flowers for Z Ball

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