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Friday, 18 April 2014

P Is For: Princess Pea Test

When Queen Layla realised how frustrated her son, Prince Felipe was becoming when he could not find a genuine princess to marry, she devised a plan to weed out the impostors. She placed a pea under the bottom mattress of the bed, and stacked a lot of mattresses on top.

If a woman came to the castle claiming to be a princess, she would be given that particular bed to sleep in. If she complained the next morning about not getting any sleep because the bed had an uncomfortable lump in it, then that would prove her claim of being a real princess.

Real princesses are sensitive and would have felt the pea, even with numerous mattresses piled on top. Well, her test was successful and Prince Felipe was able to marry an honest to goodness genuine princess.

Bed Used For Princess Pea Test

When news of Queen Layla's Princess Pea Test spread like wild fire, other Queens who had sons asked for her assistance. Finding real princesses was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There were too many impostors going around claiming to be royalty, and faking their affections. The mothers wanted their sons to have happy, loving marriages.

After giving it much thought, Queen Layla realised that she could turn the Princess Pea Test into a lucrative business. Managing a castle came with expenses, and she was always looking for ways to earn money for its upkeep. She was after all, offering an important service that benefited others.

Soon, it was not only royalty that wanted the Princess Pea Test. Other mothers begged the Queen to help them. Their precious sons deserved to be treated like the princes too. They wanted happy marriages for their sons to women with kindness and love in their hearts.

Queen Layla does her best to help people find genuine love. Other persons started their own Princess Pea Test services, but soon went out of business. The pea that Queen Layla uses is a very rare one, and only she and Prince Felipe knows how to grow it in their greenhouse. True love brings happiness.

Heart of Love

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