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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q Is For: Queen Of Hearts -Tarts (Poetry)

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts made lemon tarts, enough
To nibble on when surfing Google and eBay
Mad Hatter thought they were hard and ruff
To use as puck, a game was about to play

Queen of Hearts Tarts

The Queen found out, with an angry shout
Marched right up to the culprit Mad Hatter 
Where are my tarts, you sneaking old lout
Tell me or your skinny bones I will splatter

Mad Hatter was irate for losing his candy
Few rounds, she would have cried defeat
I took your tarts and that's fine and dandy
They make good hits, but a tasteless treat

Go bake more pucks for me to hit and score
The Queen saw red, punched the Mad Hatter
Down he went, one, two, three.... out on four
Didn't I warn, your skinny bones I 'd splatter

Mad Hatter
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