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Monday, 21 April 2014

R Is For: Racers Rally - Part 1

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Fairyland was bustling with excitement. Today was the Racers Rally, which was held annually at the Fairy Forest Park. It was a big event which saw contestants showing off their expert driving skills, or lack of it. Families and friends used the occasion to have picnics and enjoy the races and other attractions.

Crimson Haybaler
The second race was about to start. It was one that the spectators were waiting anxiously to see. Happy climbed into the Crimson Haybaler that he and the other dwarfs had built in their spare time. It was his first time competing. Snow White blew him a kiss for luck.

Creepy Coupe

One of the six drivers was Captain Hook, who was proud of his brand new black Creepy Coupe.

"Hey doll, don't I get a lucky kiss too?" he asked, puckering his lips.

"Have respect for the ladies, or you won't have any lips!" Doc warned, giving him a angry glare.

White Rabbit blew his trumpet, signalling the start of the race. The drivers sped down the lane, keeping a lookout for the flags that marked the route they were to take. Car # 2 was in the lead, followed by Captain Hook, with Happy in fourth position. As they made the third bend, Car # 3 developed engine problems. Car #6 was too far behind to cause any concern. Captain Hook smiled. Two down, three to go. Driving a car was like sailing a boat, and he was master of both.

Car #5 was catching up. As the driver tried to overtake, Captain Hook blocked his way, causing the car to swerve and it ran into a ditch. The Captain laughed, and overtook car #2 shortly after.

Happy liked the way his car performed. It was lightweight and manoeuvred the corners smoothly. He was soon behind Captain Hook and then beside him.

"You won't be "Happy" when I win the race like last year!" shouted the surprised Captain Hook, driving faster. He blocked Happy every chance he got on the narrow lane.

Happy knew what he was up to, and pressed the turbo booster switch that Grumpy had insisted on installing. The car shot forward, leaving a trail of dust which covered the Creepy Coupe. The dust made Captain Hook cough and he couldn't see either. He made a left turn when he should have continued right, and ended up in the duck pond. The driver of car #6 eventually passed by.

"I guess I'm not last anymore," he said, laughing as Captain Hook ranted about his new car, while being pecked by angry ducks. Happy won the race without any competition!


"We're proud of you,' said Dopey, and everyone echoed his praise. The crowd cheered when Happy was presented with the winner's trophy. This was the last event of the morning, but races would resume after lunch. I'm staying to watch the other races, are you?

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