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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

S Is For: Sleeping Beauty - Racers Rally Part 2

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Patrons were talking about the exciting races and shaking hands with the winners. Happy was surrounded by reporters and enjoying his victory. A wrecker passed by carrying Captain Hook's soaked Creepy Coupe. He was sitting on of it, too furious to respond to the crowd's mocking laughter. Everyone knew about his devious antics.

"It's time," said Sleeping Beauty when lunch was over. She kissed her Prince and twins, Cindy and Ella,  then walked over to her car, a Compact Pussycat.

Compact Pussycat

"You go girl!" shouted Cinderella, who was the twins Godmother and took her role seriously.

"Well, tar me and roll me in hay! What the heck is a gal doing in the races? This here race ain't no place for gals. Go home and bake some cookies!" snickered Yosemite Sam, climbing into his yellow Army Surplus.

Army Surplus

"Do you use the hot air from your mouth for petrol?" asked Sleeping Beauty, tightening her seat belt.

"Oh, a smart mouth gal. For your information, the Army Surplus is the best and I'll prove it when I beat your itsy bitsy candy car," laughed Yosemite Sam.

The drivers left when the trumpet blared. Car # 1 was in the lead, with car #3 trailing behind. The crowd cheered for their favourites as they raced around the assigned route. Car #4 tried to overtake the Army Surplus, but found it impossible as it took up most of the lane. Yosemite Sam spun his gun around and blasted the car with paint bombs, so the driver couldn't see to continue. Cars # 2 and #5 were ahead of Yosemite Sam. He pressed a button, sending a large ball into #5's car muffler, stalling it.

"The enemy is down!" he shouted, intending to do damage to the ones left in front.

Sleeping Beauty shifted gears and floored the gas. She was a woman who loved adventure and tried almost any activity she found appealing. After being asleep for so long, one could say she was making up for lost time. The world had changed while she slept, and Sleeping Beauty awoke with a daredevil streak in her. The Prince understood and supported her whenever she had a new hobby.

A red flag pointed left and Sleeping Beauty went around the hairpin corners. She heard a rumble and realised car #1 had taken the corner too fast and ran into bushes. The Army Surplus was catching up. Yosemite Sam was pleased the other car was out, although he wished he had done the damage. He just had to teach "Smart Mouth Gal" a lesson.

The Army Surplus wasn't fast, but it came equipped with a bag of tricks. Yosemite Sam pressed the button releasing balls, aiming for the car's muffler, but Sleeping Beauty chose that moment to shift gears, making them bounce off the car. She was furious when she realised what was happening. No-one tampered with her Compact Pussycat!

"Back off, I'm not a woman to mess with!" She shouted, but Yosemite Sam only jeered. She went down the lane, and waited for the villain to catch up. As he approached, she threw one of the balls directly into the gun, just as Yosemite Sam pressed the button to release the paint bombs. It backfired and exploded in the tank, splashing Yosemite Sam all over. He lost control and crashed into a fallen log. She taught that villain a lesson instead.

Sleeping Beauty sped pass car #3, which had reduced speed after approaching a deep bend, and she raced to the finish line.


The crowd cheered as the judges presented Sleeping Beauty with her trophy. She was to compete in another race, but I'm not sure if I'll be around to witness that one. Best of luck, Sleeping Beauty!

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