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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T Is For: Telling My AtoZ - Poetry

Fairy Tales

Alice of Wonderland Retreat counsels folks who are in need
Bandit Bear once so sweet turned out to be very bad indeed

Cinderella once followed orders, she now says "do as told"
Dangerous Evilia scheme to do harm to Snow White unfold

Enjoy yourself at her monthly Evilicious Extravaganza treat
Faithful friends gather at Fairy Rock Cafe to laugh and eat

Goldilocks confesses to the crime that  brought her fame
Honey snatching Bandit Bear reflects on his hall of shame

Invitations were already sent, you're to attend the "Z" ball
Joker games are risky, it was Mad Hatter's sad downfall

Kindness to kin is something that stepmothers should learn
Lil Red's a Blooming Florist, selling flowers so she can earn

Making amends is what Bandit Bear decided he should do
Night out with the boys had Lil Bo Peep happy, never blue

Organizing  a Z ball was planned by Beauty and the Beast
Princess Pea Tests are for finding real love, to say the least

Queen of Hearts likes baking lemon tarts, they're not puck
Racers Rally Part 1 saw Captain Hook run out of his luck

Sleeping Beauty showed Yosemite Sam why she's an ace
Taking time to write this poem will put my head in a brace

U, V, W are letters that have no stories developed as yet
X, Y, Z are up for the challenge, my muse's willing to bet

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