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Thursday, 24 April 2014

U Is For: Un-Birthday Un-Invited

Mad Hatter had invited a few friends to attend his un-birthday party. He poured the tea and handed the cups to White Rabbit and March Hare. White Rabbit ate a second slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and licked some frosting from his finger.

"Please may I have another slice?" he asked. "It's delicious."

"You'll have to wait until Alice and Little Bo Peep get their share," Mad Hatter responded.

"Where are they?" asked March Hare.

"Here we are. Sorry to be late, but these took a bit longer than expected," Alice said, placing a tray of  large homemade cupcakes on the table. She and Little Bo Peep sat down and were served tea and sandwiches.

"Those look so yummy," the March Hare commented, reaching for a cupcake.

Alice of Wonderland Retreat Cupcakes

"What a fine day to have an un-birthday party," Little Bo Peep commented.

"It sure is. I'm glad my closest friends are here to celebrate with me," replied the Mad Hatter with a smile.

"Then why wasn't I invited?" asked the Queen of Hearts in a loud angry voice. She had walked up to the table and poked the Mad Hatter with her finger.

"You're not one of my closest friends anymore."

"What? I've always been invited to one of your un-birthday parties. Since I'm not, I'll just invite myself," said the Queen with a huff as she sat down.

"No, I don't want you here. You're ruining my party!" shouted the Mad Hatter jumping from his chair. He grabbed the teacup from the Queen's hand.

"How dare you ill treat me, a Queen! I should have your head for this!"

"It would be a better match for you, since yours doesn't work that well."

"Stop the fussing," said Alice, as the two continued arguing. "Mad Hatter, why wasn't the Queen invited?"

"She punched me out the other day, and I didn't get to defend myself."

"You deserved it for taking my tarts and using them for pucks!"

"Tarts! Ha! You're lucky I found a use for those rocks of yours."

"Rocks! You insufferable..."

"I've heard enough," said Alice. "Mad Hatter, you were wrong for taking the tarts without permission. You didn't invite the Queen to your party because she hit you for insulting her baking skills." The Mad Hatter hung his head in shame.

"Queen of Hearts, I don't want you to hit anyone here, or you'll leave and never return. You weren't invited to this party, so you shouldn't have crashed it. That was wrong of you." The Queen nodded in agreement.

"You two always quarrel, but have the most unique friendship. Why not apologise to each other so we can continue the party. I'm hungry and would like a slice of that delicious carrot cake."

It took a bit of coaxing for Alice to get them to do this, as each wanted the other to apologise first. But after they did, the ice was broken. The Queen and Mad Hatter told the most jokes, and all was well with the two again. Everyone had a jolly time at the un-birthday party.

Mad Hatter

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