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Friday, 25 April 2014

V Is For: Viciously Vindictive

Evilia looked in the mirror and adjusted the roses in her hair. They were from her garden where she grew the various herbs and plants used in her spells and potions.

"I look breathtakingly beautiful," she muttered to herself. A soft chuckling sound came from the mirror. 

"You can be replaced," warned Evilia, throwing a shoe at the mirror but missed. 


Evilia walked into the castle dungeon and unlocked the door to her Cast-A-Spell room. The windowless room had a foul odour. She lit candles and took bottles of varying sizes and colours from the shelves and placed them on the table. Everything must be in order before the other witches arrived.

Vendetta, Chairwoman of the Witches Council arrived with a few others. She was not a witch to be messed with, and was the evilest of them all. It was she who had trained Evilia years ago.


She took her seat at the head of the table, and looked around the room with her piercing eyes before speaking.

"Welcome, my sister witches. Tonight we'll be testing new spells and potions, so please pay attention and try not to make too much of a mess like the last time," she said with a cackling laugh.

Evilia blew dust off a well worn Book of Witches Canticles and Spells and opened it. The others prepared the ingredients she called out.

"The Witches Tournament is coming up and we don't have much time to practise. The competition is strong and we need to win this time," Vendetta remarked.

"I heard Morticia and her group have mastered powerful spells," said Evilia. "The Grand Master of Wizardry will be the guest judge."

An amateur witch spilled a bottle of vulture's breath on the table and the fumes rose into the air, making the others cough.

"You incompetent fool! What are you trying to do...turn us into stone?" shouted Evilia, hitting her with a broom. The witch cowered with fear.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about. If you do this foolishness at the tournament, we'll be laughed at," Vendetta remarked angrily.

Evilia's servant, Delfin, brought in a tray containing goblets of Witches Brew and Bat-A-Cakes.

"You took your time," snapped Evilia, giving her a glare.

"That's just what I need to calm my nerves," muttered a witch.

"Okay witches. Listen up. No-one is leaving until the spells have been perfected. Time is of the essence, and we haven't won a trophy in awhile. Except for Evilia, who seems to be the one saving us from eliminations. She's the best in the group, so watch and learn from her," said Vendetta, making herself comfortable to take a nap.

Evilia took control of the group and they practised all night, not stopping to take a break. It was a group of tired witches who left the castle as the sun began to rise, promising to return in the evening to resume their training.

Evilia watched them leave and returned to the dungeon to conduct her own spells, preferring to do them in private. She had never lost a match and had no intention of breaking that record.


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