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Saturday, 26 April 2014

W Is For: Witches Weekly

Witches Weekly  Vol 8  Reporter: Warts de Hagg  (Witch Haven, Brew York)

It was a magical moonlit night in Witch Haven as supporters came out to watch the contestants march in the parade, marking the opening of the Witches Tournament. They followed the parade to the Sorcerers Circle, where the games were held.

Magical Moon

Vendetta, Chairwoman of the Witches Council declared the tournament opened after everyone chanted the Witches Pledge. 

The Witches of Brew Hampshire, led by Morticia, displayed an impressive selection of spells in the Spell-A-Thon. Some of these are rarely used by most witches due to the difficult techniques involved. The group had won most of the events in the last three tournaments, and were determined to make this their fourth victory.

Evilia and her team seemed to have come with a no-nonsense attitude, as compared to the last tournament. They were fiercely competitive in a few of the categories. These included formulae, brewing methods, chants, broom relays and shape changing. The team won first and second places in the 200m and 400m broom flying relays; placing third in the Spell-A-thon. This group has always been good at executing spells, but needs more consistency.

Evilia proved once more why she's known as the Master Brewer, as her Witches Brew took the gold once again. No-one has ever been able to make an accurate guess about the ingredients used, or come close to duplicating the drink. Evilia is not a witch who divulges her secrets. She also came first in the formulae making contest, with Morticia taking second place.

From all indications, the Witches of Brew Hampshire thought this tournament was going to be another easy victory, relying more on confidence this time, and not skills. Unfortunately for them, Evilia and her team seemed to have practised very hard and returned with a vengeance.

The Grand Master of Wizardry, Hypnotica was the guest judge who presented a deliriously happy Evilia and her team the winner's trophy and medals.



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