Monday, 28 April 2014

X Is For: X Marks The Spot!

"Arr! Row harder, me sniffling sailor boys," ordered Captain Hook, looking through his spy glass. It had taken them three days to reach Fool's Island and he was feeling impatient.

Treasure Map

"Do you think we'll find the treasure?" asked Mr. Smee, his First Mate, as they went ashore. The other sailors carried shovels, jugs of rum to drink and food.

"Of course we will. One Eye Pete is one of the craftiest pirates I know. He buried treasure all over the world and this is one of the places," replied Captain Hook, studying the map he had stolen from the old sailor.

"It's NE 25 paces forward, and 15 paces left. The path should lead us to a skull shaped hole in a tree," the Captain continued. Mr. Smee took the spyglass and looked around.

"There it is!" he exclaimed, as they cut through the overgrown bushes. Captain Hook put his hand in the hole and felt around until he grasped a large rusty key.

"Closer to the treasure me lads," he said excitedly, following the other clues on the map. They soon came to Skeleton's Hideaway, a cave near a waterfall. A sailor lit the lamps and everyone sat down, tired from their long walk. All except Captain Hook, who was anxious to find his treasure.

"You lazy sea dogs! I should make you walk the plank for not working!" he shouted while grabbing one of the lamps with his hook and continued further into the dark cave. Mr. Smee followed faithfully with a shovel. They walked into a small chamber and saw a skeleton holding a flag with the skull and crossbones logo. It rested on a glowing chest in the centre of the room.

"X marks the spot!" shouted Captain Hook with glee. He ran over and kicked the skeleton off the chest, then opened it with the key, ignoring the warning written on top..."Beware the guardian of the gold."

"I knew it. There's so much gold here. One Eye Pete isn't as smart as I thought, leaving such an easy trail to the treasure," he said, laughing. Just then he heard a familiar sound and turned around.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock." Blocking the entrance was his most feared enemy...The crocodile who had eaten his hand! Captain Hook screamed as the crocodile crawled towards him, snapping his jaws. Mr. Smee saw his chance to escape and took it, running as fast as he could.

He and the crew could still hear the captain screaming as they made their way to the boat. Their conscience, however, was reassured because they were thoughtful to have left the food and rum for Captain Hook. He would need it if he survived.

Captain Hook and Company

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