Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z Is For: Z Ball

"Our big moment has finally arrived," said Beast, making a short welcome speech to the guests during cocktail hour.

"I'm glad we decided to keep a Z Ball to celebrate the Challenges of April. Everyone worked hard this month and deserve to have a bit of fun to unwind," Beauty added. Everyone cheered. Beast held Beauty's hand and they walked down the red carpet steps of Cinderella's Country Cottage to mingle with their friends.

The valets were kept busy parking cars and security was rigid, as the Queen of Hearts discovered when she couldn't present an invitation. This was one party she could not crash. Newz Mewz from The Honey Buzz and Warts de Hagg from Witches Weekly were the reporters covering the event.

Cinderella's Country Cottage Gardens

"The gardens are beautiful," Snow White commented, taking a glass of bubbly Charmier from a waiter. Charmier was produced by Prince Charming on his estate.

"Cinderella works hard ensuring they are," replied Lil Red, who owned The Blooming Florist. Her floral arrangements for the occasion were impressive.

The Fairy Rock Band enhanced the pleasant atmosphere with their lively music. Dinner was a lavish affair, and no-one hesitated to dine on the sumptuous dishes. One of the desserts were the popular Fairy Cakes, which was only made at the Fairy Rock Cafe.The laughter flowed as freely as the glasses of Charmier.

The Ballroom Dance

Everyone went to the ballroom after dinner. Beauty and the Beast took to the floor with the first dance of the evening. The ladies looked beautiful in their gowns, and the men added balance wearing their tuxedos. Soon the dance floor was crowded as the band played a selection of catchy tunes. Happy was never short for partners as he was an excellent dancer.

Beast got his request to have Joker games at the function. A few ladies played Bridge, but the Ballroom saw most of the activity.

"The Z Ball is awesome," said Doc as he danced away with Alice. The Seven Dwarfs didn't go out a lot, but when they did, they made sure to have a swinging time. Newz Mewz and Warts de Hagg snapped away with their cameras, as Beauty and her Beast requested group photos with their friends.

Group Photo

"Beauty and I want to thank you for coming to our Z Ball," said the Beast. "Your support and friendship means so much to us."
It was a spectacular event to remember as fireworks flew to mark the ending of the long and challenging month of April!


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