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Reflection Post: AtoZ April Challenge 2014

April 30, 2014

I'm sitting with my feet up writing this. It's been an awesome but tiring day. I wrote and posted my final story for letter Z this morning. Did I really survive the AtoZ April Challenge 2014? You bet I did!

AtoZ Survivors Cocktail

When I entered the challenge, it was done with a bad habit of mine - on a whim.  Being a newbie, I was clueless not knowing what to expect, or the quality content to write that would interest readers. I just signed up and decided to go with the flow. Glad I did with no regrets!

As April drew nearer, I still found myself wondering what to write, and thought of two ideas that could work, then changed my mind 2-3 days before the challenge commenced. I hadn't written my theme reveal either.

Inspiration hit one morning. I had already written a story which was to be posted on another site, but decided to use it for the B post in the challenge, with minor changes. I became excited and immediately wrote my A post, followed by my theme reveal which was published shortly after.

I'm now relieved that I had a theme to work with, instead of writing random articles as was originally planned. It worked to my benefit, and intend to work with themes for this challenge in the future. April 1st quickly came and I posted my A story, and wrote the C story the next day. The Principal asked me to catalogue books in the new school library. I couldn't refuse as the kids needed the books, and a crazy, exhausting pattern developed.

I wrote most of the stories on the day each letter was due. Although I can work well under pressure, I strained my brain to create and post the stories, as they were mostly done at school. How did I manage to type them on my laptop, while simultaneously entering book data into their computer without screaming? I'm not going to pressure myself next year repeating this method or ordeal.

All my stories will be pre-written in a more relaxed manner. I've learnt from my mistakes. It's not easy writing 26 stories consecutively - on the due day, support other bloggers, look after my son who was sick a few days, as well as other daily duties that have to be performed. Even if I slip and write a couple on the said day, it will be different to this hassle. I'm sure other bloggers can share similar experiences they went through to keep abreast of their writing schedule.

It was indeed a challenge, but I survived to tell my tale. Although this awesome event is over, I am slowly, but surely going through the blog list on the #AtoZ site. Time did not permit me to support many more bloggers. There are so many fascinating blogs, and their content is entertaining as well as helpful.

There were also blogs that I wanted to comment on, but felt forced to register to do so, or they had no comment boxes, so I left. A few hadn't posted anything in months, and some posts were too behind for me to make comments. Others were inaccessible due to poor links. I wanted to follow a couple, but they didn't even have the Google, Facebook apps.

Being a participant had its advantages:

I have gained more followers on Google and made wonderful friends with many of them.

It gave me the opportunity to promote my blog.

I learnt techniques to improve my writing from some sites visited, and from my own challenge experience.

 Social media has its advantages, as I also gained a couple followers on Twitter.

I now take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me by commenting and sharing my posts. It means a lot to me. I also want to give a round of applause to the dedicated group of team leaders and their assistants for working so hard to make AtoZ April Challenge the success it was.

It couldn't have been easy doing this, while writing for your own blogs. Your daily AtoZ community posts offered vital information and encouragement for the participants to trek on and complete the awesome adventure we signed up for. Reading these posts gave me the boost that was needed to continue to the end. Thank you!

Fireworks of Thanks!!!

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