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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

southern winter - (haiku)

cold sunny weather

mists small tropical island

north wind's frosty breath

 I usually experience chilly weather this time of year in my hometown, unlike most parts of the island, but it's still nice going outdoors.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Writing in Progress Blop Hop

Jillian Pearl asked me to join her in the Writing in Progress Blog Hop (WIP). My hesitation was brief, remembering the fun I had in another one I participated in earlier this year. Thank you Jillian. You can check out her blog at 

Here are the questions I must answer

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on my children's book which originated during the awesome A to Z April Challenge this year. These consist of twenty-six theme-based stories, each representing a letter of the alphabet. They are about a few well-known fairy tale characters who are living in a more modern day setting. It is taking me longer to complete this because of the extra segment I'm including, as well as the illustrations and editing. 

This section has a few recipes of the foods mentioned in the stories, and will be quick and easy to prepare. Creating these recipes take a bit of time because it's important to know which concoction works best, but I'm having a good time. Some of the desserts taste yummy, but then, I have a sweet tooth.

The sketches was another concern of mine, but saw samples of the illustrator’s artwork, so am confident that the results will be great. Each stage taken to prepare this book is unfamiliar territory to me, but find it an exciting challenge. Some of my other projects are moving at a slower pace, but I want to take my time to develop and edit them.

How does your work differ from other genres?

My work isn't unique from other genres as mentioned in my previous WIP article. However, there are times when parts of the stories come from events or things that people experience, and personalities of people I know often find their way into the characters I create. 

Why do I write what I do?

My interest for books developed from an early age, and reading most genres has made me flexible to write content in any category, although I prefer creating mystery/suspense. I get a buzz from participating in writing prompts and contests that tests my ability to submit content based on their requirements and deadlines. Writing poetry is another passion of mine. It helps me to unwind and 
think clearly, so I am able to create or edit articles with a fresh approach.

How does my writing process work?

There was a time when I had an organized schedule and met my writing deadlines, but things changed over the past months when the workload increased. The time recently spent away from my blog to catch up with my assignments paid off. I am not worried about meeting my obligations now, although there are still a few tasks that need completion.

I create plots in my head anywhere I am - cooking, going for walks, events, and can't wait to get them on paper. I’ll sit at my desk and work for hours, while listening to music. It is easier for me to edit while I think and write, instead of waiting for the content to be completed. 2015 will be a very productive year. There will be more content on my blog and other writing sites, as I'm trying to write most articles early and have them organised for posting at their appointed time.There are a few other projects I can't wait to start, and have the drafts in place.

My writing aids are simple:

Coffee greets me in the mornings at 6:30am. Another cup or two, especially in the evening will keep me energized.

Chocolate chip cookies (4) is necessary and accompanies my first cup of coffee. I will not need to eat again until 10:30am.

Dictionaries are important to me, and prefer to use my hardcover companions, rather than the online ones, although that can be quicker. Pens and notebooks are on my list too.

Allow me to introduce you to the bloggers I invited to join WIP.

Werner Stejskal is the author of the children’s series “Oliver and Jumpy” for small to primary school aged children. The Oliver stories started out with You Tube clips, and are now available as picture books.

Werner’s involvement in “Oliver and Jumpy” is only the latest project in a very interesting life. He was born in Vienna, Austria very soon after the Second World War. Being a single child for 11 years before a younger brother arrived, influenced his character greatly. He was alone most of the time, and became an avid reader.

                                    His Social Media Links:






Gail M. Baugniet is the author of the Pepper Bibeau Mystery series. She worked in the insurance industry, and with law enforcement as a police officer and dispatcher. After living through many snowy winters in northern states, she now calls Honolulu, Hawaii  her home.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime, Inc and current president of the Sisters in Crime/Hawaii chapter in Honolulu. Her novels are available in trade book and eBook format at

Links to her Social Media sites:

The questions they are to answer:

What am you working on?

How does your work differ from other genres?

Why do I write what I do?

How does my writing process work?

Please visit these bloggers and find out more about them and the exciting books and projects they are involved with. You’re more than welcome to participate in the blog hop. Just send me a link to your post and I’ll be happy to hop over to your blog.

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