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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Quick Score!

I lay on my back, watching the match on the television.

My customer grunts and finishes, just as I shout "No, No!" when the ball flies in the direction of the other team.

"That wasn't what I meant."

This week's Trifecta #113 must have 33 words in addition to and preceding the phrase "That wasn't what I meant." This makes a total of 38 words.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Book Review: Black Caviar 1

"I'm Living But I'm Not Alive"

It was difficult finding the right words to accurately describe how I felt about this novel, Black Caviar: "I'm Living But I'm Not Alive - Book 1." From the moment I began reading this thriller, I was lured into the deep, dark, manipulative underworld of greed, drugs and sex within the D Organization.

This empire is controlled by a powerful kingpin named Daman. He is one of the most ruthless, cold blooded men Chicago has ever known. When he says "Jump!" you had better ask "How high?"  No-one in their right frame of mind dare refuse or deny his requests. Don't ever think you are smart enough to double cross Daman either! This feared man is a skilled butcher who prefers to do the carving himself!

They say good girls are attracted to bad guys, and I confess that I couldn't help feeling drawn to Daman, and showed my support when I discovered the multitude of problems the man had. It's not easy being king of the underworld, knowing that there are always enemies out there who want to see you dethroned. Daman learned early in life that business and friends don't mix; but who are his genuine friends, and can his business associates be trusted?

Psymon H. is a very talented writer with a natural flair for expressing his thoughts on paper. He knows how to excite a reader with an engaging story and realistic cast of characters. Black Caviar : "I'm Living But I'm Not Alive" is a very entertaining and intense thriller, and I cannot wait to get my hands on book 2. This author has managed to pen a winner on his first attempt at writing a novel.


Monday, 17 February 2014

This really SOCKS!

My son's cleanest P.E. socks!

Scott, my son, has to wear white socks to school whenever he has P.E. He looks so neat in his P.E. uniform when leaving the house, but I dread picking him up after school. The clothes and sneakers will be covered in the reddest dirt, and just the thoughts of laundering these give me the blues.

I live in Manchester, a parish known for its bauxite, which is a major export of Jamaica. This soil is one of the reddest and richest types to be found in the island. Although plants and agricultural crops thrive from the rich nutrients it contains, it can leave a negative impact on the shelf life of clothing (namely children's.)

The photo I uploaded shows the cleanest socks in the laundry hamper. It is my assumption that my son didn't play a lot that day. I wouldn't take a second glance at his dirty sneakers right now, but know that it will soon have to be cleaned. The sneakers are supposed to be white as well, but I could no longer wash those, and made Scott wear a black pair to school.

Sometimes the socks go straight into the trash bin as I refuse to scrub them. The dirt tends to stain clothing, so tossing them directly into the washing machine won't get rid of the grime that easily. You will have to hand wash first, using a bar of laundry soap made specifically for this purpose. I really don't have the time or patience to go through this weekly routine. Poor Scott sometimes go to school wearing socks which are off white in color, (but they're cleaner, I console myself.)

"Mom, I can't find any socks to wear" is what I have been hearing regularly, as the socks are often ignored on laundry day. Scott went to school a couple times wearing ankle socks which are forbidden. The principal recently reprimanded me on this, so I will have to go shopping again.  Purchasing this item is becoming costly. I often tell anyone who wants to buy my son gifts that socks will be much appreciated. Other parents have similar complaints, and will also buy bags of socks. No-one wants to spend time on this tedious chore.

Forgive me for airing my dirty laundry so publicly, but I feel a little better writing this rant.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Book Review: BOOKLISH: (A Writer's Guide)

The Simple Comprehensive Guide to Successfully Writing and Publishing  Your Book

I cannot express how pleased I was to have read Booklish: The Simple Comprehensive Guide to Successfully Writing and Publishing Your Book. Anyone who wishes to write a novel, or is in the process of doing so, should read this. It’s written by Bookacademy, and explains the intricacies that comes with publishing. I was impressed with the content as it was presented in a straightforward and unbiased way, outlining the pros and cons of independent publishing and publishing firms.

The guide is structured in a format writers can follow step by step. Each chapter gives detailed information regarding ideas for stories; research and character development; readership range, and even a handy budget chart. Amazon's Create-a-Space, selective websites and tools are also mentioned as these will be useful to writers.

Bookacademy writes descriptively in a manner I like. What is really appreciated is the fact that the topic is not glossed over to give false impressions of the journey one must take to see a book through conception to publication. Writing a novel involves hard work and in depth planning. It made me think more positively about my own book which is being written, and the decisions that must be made. Booklish: The Simple Comprehensive Guide to Successful Writing and Publishing is highly recommended by me.


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Monday, 10 February 2014



Mara was too numb to feel any kind of emotion.

How could Brad, the man she wanted to spend her life with,
leave her jilted at the altar.

Cupid was wrong.

Romance sucked!

This was written  for the Trifecta Writing Challenge - week 102. The story must have a 33 word count and the following words are to be omitted from it:

Love                          Tears
Sad                            Wept
Pain                            Heart

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Birthday Blessings!

A birthday is such a God given joy
I give you blessings, my cherished boy

Make a wish, blow out the candles on the cake
The future is a journey you will soon have to take

Birthdays only come but once per year
You are growing too much for me to bear

Once my baby, fastly approaching adulthood
I'll do my best to raise you as a mother should 

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