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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Z Is For: Z Ball

"Our big moment has finally arrived," said Beast, making a short welcome speech to the guests during cocktail hour.

"I'm glad we decided to keep a Z Ball to celebrate the Challenges of April. Everyone worked hard this month and deserve to have a bit of fun to unwind," Beauty added. Everyone cheered. Beast held Beauty's hand and they walked down the red carpet steps of Cinderella's Country Cottage to mingle with their friends.

The valets were kept busy parking cars and security was rigid, as the Queen of Hearts discovered when she couldn't present an invitation. This was one party she could not crash. Newz Mewz from The Honey Buzz and Warts de Hagg from Witches Weekly were the reporters covering the event.

Cinderella's Country Cottage Gardens

"The gardens are beautiful," Snow White commented, taking a glass of bubbly Charmier from a waiter. Charmier was produced by Prince Charming on his estate.

"Cinderella works hard ensuring they are," replied Lil Red, who owned The Blooming Florist. Her floral arrangements for the occasion were impressive.

The Fairy Rock Band enhanced the pleasant atmosphere with their lively music. Dinner was a lavish affair, and no-one hesitated to dine on the sumptuous dishes. One of the desserts were the popular Fairy Cakes, which was only made at the Fairy Rock Cafe.The laughter flowed as freely as the glasses of Charmier.

The Ballroom Dance

Everyone went to the ballroom after dinner. Beauty and the Beast took to the floor with the first dance of the evening. The ladies looked beautiful in their gowns, and the men added balance wearing their tuxedos. Soon the dance floor was crowded as the band played a selection of catchy tunes. Happy was never short for partners as he was an excellent dancer.

Beast got his request to have Joker games at the function. A few ladies played Bridge, but the Ballroom saw most of the activity.

"The Z Ball is awesome," said Doc as he danced away with Alice. The Seven Dwarfs didn't go out a lot, but when they did, they made sure to have a swinging time. Newz Mewz and Warts de Hagg snapped away with their cameras, as Beauty and her Beast requested group photos with their friends.

Group Photo

"Beauty and I want to thank you for coming to our Z Ball," said the Beast. "Your support and friendship means so much to us."
It was a spectacular event to remember as fireworks flew to mark the ending of the long and challenging month of April!


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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Y Is For: Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum!

Captain Hook screamed in terror as he faced his worst nightmare. He walked backwards as Tick Tock advanced towards him. There was nowhere to run. The beast took up most of the space with its enormous size. As the crocodile lunged at him, Captain Hook tripped on a rock and fell on his butt. He scooped up a handful of sand from the ground and threw it at the reptile, blinding it for a few minutes.

This was all the Captain needed to make his escape. While he was running, Tick Tock lashed his tail out, hitting Captain Hook with such a force, he was sent flying through the air and into the tunnel. He quickly got up and ran out of the cave, briefly stopping to grab a bottle of rum on the way out. He needed a swig of booze to steady his nerves.

Bottle of Rum
"Those cowardly sea dogs deserted me when I needed them. They're not worth the loot I pay them!" muttered Captain Hook, listening for the annoying "tick tock" sound he had come to hate. He took a swig from the bottle, and wondered how he could get the rest from the cave. If he was going to be stranded on the cursed island, he might as well enjoy the company of a few bottles of rum.

It would appear as though the crocodile read his thoughts, because he heard a loud bellow, and the reptile made its appearance at the cave entrance. Captain Hook trembled and ducked under a large banana leaf. That wasn't going to be an easy feat.

Tick Tock
A noise distracted Tick Tock and he disappeared into the opposite end of the forest. Captain Hook waited a few minutes before taking his chance to return to the cave. He heard noises and began to tremble again, but sighed as a group of sailors approached the cave.

"Aye, me hearty lads. You came in the nick of time to rescue me from this forsaken island," he said with a grin.

"We heard there was treasure on the island and came to find it," said the Captain.

"Nonsense! There's no gold here. Just a tale pirates love to tell," lied Captain Hook. "If there was, I would have found it long ago. Me black hearted crew left me stranded when they discovered there wasn't any."

"Well, in that case, let's leave. No need to stay longer than necessary."

"I agree," Captain Hook remarked. "Just give me a hand carrying these bottles of rum. I hate to waste good food."

Tick Tock chose that moment to return to his cave and the sailors fled, leaving the rum behind. Captain Hook managed to grab a couple bottles, placing them in his jacket pockets before escaping the jaws of the crocodile once again.

"I will return for my treasure," he swore to himself, sailing away.

Captain hook & Company

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Monday, 28 April 2014

X Is For: X Marks The Spot!

"Arr! Row harder, me sniffling sailor boys," ordered Captain Hook, looking through his spy glass. It had taken them three days to reach Fool's Island and he was feeling impatient.

Treasure Map

"Do you think we'll find the treasure?" asked Mr. Smee, his First Mate, as they went ashore. The other sailors carried shovels, jugs of rum to drink and food.

"Of course we will. One Eye Pete is one of the craftiest pirates I know. He buried treasure all over the world and this is one of the places," replied Captain Hook, studying the map he had stolen from the old sailor.

"It's NE 25 paces forward, and 15 paces left. The path should lead us to a skull shaped hole in a tree," the Captain continued. Mr. Smee took the spyglass and looked around.

"There it is!" he exclaimed, as they cut through the overgrown bushes. Captain Hook put his hand in the hole and felt around until he grasped a large rusty key.

"Closer to the treasure me lads," he said excitedly, following the other clues on the map. They soon came to Skeleton's Hideaway, a cave near a waterfall. A sailor lit the lamps and everyone sat down, tired from their long walk. All except Captain Hook, who was anxious to find his treasure.

"You lazy sea dogs! I should make you walk the plank for not working!" he shouted while grabbing one of the lamps with his hook and continued further into the dark cave. Mr. Smee followed faithfully with a shovel. They walked into a small chamber and saw a skeleton holding a flag with the skull and crossbones logo. It rested on a glowing chest in the centre of the room.

"X marks the spot!" shouted Captain Hook with glee. He ran over and kicked the skeleton off the chest, then opened it with the key, ignoring the warning written on top..."Beware the guardian of the gold."

"I knew it. There's so much gold here. One Eye Pete isn't as smart as I thought, leaving such an easy trail to the treasure," he said, laughing. Just then he heard a familiar sound and turned around.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock." Blocking the entrance was his most feared enemy...The crocodile who had eaten his hand! Captain Hook screamed as the crocodile crawled towards him, snapping his jaws. Mr. Smee saw his chance to escape and took it, running as fast as he could.

He and the crew could still hear the captain screaming as they made their way to the boat. Their conscience, however, was reassured because they were thoughtful to have left the food and rum for Captain Hook. He would need it if he survived.

Captain Hook and Company

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

W Is For: Witches Weekly

Witches Weekly  Vol 8  Reporter: Warts de Hagg  (Witch Haven, Brew York)

It was a magical moonlit night in Witch Haven as supporters came out to watch the contestants march in the parade, marking the opening of the Witches Tournament. They followed the parade to the Sorcerers Circle, where the games were held.

Magical Moon

Vendetta, Chairwoman of the Witches Council declared the tournament opened after everyone chanted the Witches Pledge. 

The Witches of Brew Hampshire, led by Morticia, displayed an impressive selection of spells in the Spell-A-Thon. Some of these are rarely used by most witches due to the difficult techniques involved. The group had won most of the events in the last three tournaments, and were determined to make this their fourth victory.

Evilia and her team seemed to have come with a no-nonsense attitude, as compared to the last tournament. They were fiercely competitive in a few of the categories. These included formulae, brewing methods, chants, broom relays and shape changing. The team won first and second places in the 200m and 400m broom flying relays; placing third in the Spell-A-thon. This group has always been good at executing spells, but needs more consistency.

Evilia proved once more why she's known as the Master Brewer, as her Witches Brew took the gold once again. No-one has ever been able to make an accurate guess about the ingredients used, or come close to duplicating the drink. Evilia is not a witch who divulges her secrets. She also came first in the formulae making contest, with Morticia taking second place.

From all indications, the Witches of Brew Hampshire thought this tournament was going to be another easy victory, relying more on confidence this time, and not skills. Unfortunately for them, Evilia and her team seemed to have practised very hard and returned with a vengeance.

The Grand Master of Wizardry, Hypnotica was the guest judge who presented a deliriously happy Evilia and her team the winner's trophy and medals.



Are you a witch? Would you like to become one? If you think you are ruthless, fearless and love to scheme, then you have what it takes to become a witch. The benefits are endless, and you get the opportunity to fly around to different locations whenever you want. For further information contact Evilia @ twitter- #evilicious  blog @

Witches Wanted

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Friday, 25 April 2014

V Is For: Viciously Vindictive

Evilia looked in the mirror and adjusted the roses in her hair. They were from her garden where she grew the various herbs and plants used in her spells and potions.

"I look breathtakingly beautiful," she muttered to herself. A soft chuckling sound came from the mirror. 

"You can be replaced," warned Evilia, throwing a shoe at the mirror but missed. 


Evilia walked into the castle dungeon and unlocked the door to her Cast-A-Spell room. The windowless room had a foul odour. She lit candles and took bottles of varying sizes and colours from the shelves and placed them on the table. Everything must be in order before the other witches arrived.

Vendetta, Chairwoman of the Witches Council arrived with a few others. She was not a witch to be messed with, and was the evilest of them all. It was she who had trained Evilia years ago.


She took her seat at the head of the table, and looked around the room with her piercing eyes before speaking.

"Welcome, my sister witches. Tonight we'll be testing new spells and potions, so please pay attention and try not to make too much of a mess like the last time," she said with a cackling laugh.

Evilia blew dust off a well worn Book of Witches Canticles and Spells and opened it. The others prepared the ingredients she called out.

"The Witches Tournament is coming up and we don't have much time to practise. The competition is strong and we need to win this time," Vendetta remarked.

"I heard Morticia and her group have mastered powerful spells," said Evilia. "The Grand Master of Wizardry will be the guest judge."

An amateur witch spilled a bottle of vulture's breath on the table and the fumes rose into the air, making the others cough.

"You incompetent fool! What are you trying to do...turn us into stone?" shouted Evilia, hitting her with a broom. The witch cowered with fear.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about. If you do this foolishness at the tournament, we'll be laughed at," Vendetta remarked angrily.

Evilia's servant, Delfin, brought in a tray containing goblets of Witches Brew and Bat-A-Cakes.

"You took your time," snapped Evilia, giving her a glare.

"That's just what I need to calm my nerves," muttered a witch.

"Okay witches. Listen up. No-one is leaving until the spells have been perfected. Time is of the essence, and we haven't won a trophy in awhile. Except for Evilia, who seems to be the one saving us from eliminations. She's the best in the group, so watch and learn from her," said Vendetta, making herself comfortable to take a nap.

Evilia took control of the group and they practised all night, not stopping to take a break. It was a group of tired witches who left the castle as the sun began to rise, promising to return in the evening to resume their training.

Evilia watched them leave and returned to the dungeon to conduct her own spells, preferring to do them in private. She had never lost a match and had no intention of breaking that record.


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Thursday, 24 April 2014

U Is For: Un-Birthday Un-Invited

Mad Hatter had invited a few friends to attend his un-birthday party. He poured the tea and handed the cups to White Rabbit and March Hare. White Rabbit ate a second slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and licked some frosting from his finger.

"Please may I have another slice?" he asked. "It's delicious."

"You'll have to wait until Alice and Little Bo Peep get their share," Mad Hatter responded.

"Where are they?" asked March Hare.

"Here we are. Sorry to be late, but these took a bit longer than expected," Alice said, placing a tray of  large homemade cupcakes on the table. She and Little Bo Peep sat down and were served tea and sandwiches.

"Those look so yummy," the March Hare commented, reaching for a cupcake.

Alice of Wonderland Retreat Cupcakes

"What a fine day to have an un-birthday party," Little Bo Peep commented.

"It sure is. I'm glad my closest friends are here to celebrate with me," replied the Mad Hatter with a smile.

"Then why wasn't I invited?" asked the Queen of Hearts in a loud angry voice. She had walked up to the table and poked the Mad Hatter with her finger.

"You're not one of my closest friends anymore."

"What? I've always been invited to one of your un-birthday parties. Since I'm not, I'll just invite myself," said the Queen with a huff as she sat down.

"No, I don't want you here. You're ruining my party!" shouted the Mad Hatter jumping from his chair. He grabbed the teacup from the Queen's hand.

"How dare you ill treat me, a Queen! I should have your head for this!"

"It would be a better match for you, since yours doesn't work that well."

"Stop the fussing," said Alice, as the two continued arguing. "Mad Hatter, why wasn't the Queen invited?"

"She punched me out the other day, and I didn't get to defend myself."

"You deserved it for taking my tarts and using them for pucks!"

"Tarts! Ha! You're lucky I found a use for those rocks of yours."

"Rocks! You insufferable..."

"I've heard enough," said Alice. "Mad Hatter, you were wrong for taking the tarts without permission. You didn't invite the Queen to your party because she hit you for insulting her baking skills." The Mad Hatter hung his head in shame.

"Queen of Hearts, I don't want you to hit anyone here, or you'll leave and never return. You weren't invited to this party, so you shouldn't have crashed it. That was wrong of you." The Queen nodded in agreement.

"You two always quarrel, but have the most unique friendship. Why not apologise to each other so we can continue the party. I'm hungry and would like a slice of that delicious carrot cake."

It took a bit of coaxing for Alice to get them to do this, as each wanted the other to apologise first. But after they did, the ice was broken. The Queen and Mad Hatter told the most jokes, and all was well with the two again. Everyone had a jolly time at the un-birthday party.

Mad Hatter

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T Is For: Telling My AtoZ - Poetry

Fairy Tales

Alice of Wonderland Retreat counsels folks who are in need
Bandit Bear once so sweet turned out to be very bad indeed

Cinderella once followed orders, she now says "do as told"
Dangerous Evilia scheme to do harm to Snow White unfold

Enjoy yourself at her monthly Evilicious Extravaganza treat
Faithful friends gather at Fairy Rock Cafe to laugh and eat

Goldilocks confesses to the crime that  brought her fame
Honey snatching Bandit Bear reflects on his hall of shame

Invitations were already sent, you're to attend the "Z" ball
Joker games are risky, it was Mad Hatter's sad downfall

Kindness to kin is something that stepmothers should learn
Lil Red's a Blooming Florist, selling flowers so she can earn

Making amends is what Bandit Bear decided he should do
Night out with the boys had Lil Bo Peep happy, never blue

Organizing  a Z ball was planned by Beauty and the Beast
Princess Pea Tests are for finding real love, to say the least

Queen of Hearts likes baking lemon tarts, they're not puck
Racers Rally Part 1 saw Captain Hook run out of his luck

Sleeping Beauty showed Yosemite Sam why she's an ace
Taking time to write this poem will put my head in a brace

U, V, W are letters that have no stories developed as yet
X, Y, Z are up for the challenge, my muse's willing to bet

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

S Is For: Sleeping Beauty - Racers Rally Part 2

Balloons on Sale

Patrons were talking about the exciting races and shaking hands with the winners. Happy was surrounded by reporters and enjoying his victory. A wrecker passed by carrying Captain Hook's soaked Creepy Coupe. He was sitting on of it, too furious to respond to the crowd's mocking laughter. Everyone knew about his devious antics.

"It's time," said Sleeping Beauty when lunch was over. She kissed her Prince and twins, Cindy and Ella,  then walked over to her car, a Compact Pussycat.

Compact Pussycat

"You go girl!" shouted Cinderella, who was the twins Godmother and took her role seriously.

"Well, tar me and roll me in hay! What the heck is a gal doing in the races? This here race ain't no place for gals. Go home and bake some cookies!" snickered Yosemite Sam, climbing into his yellow Army Surplus.

Army Surplus

"Do you use the hot air from your mouth for petrol?" asked Sleeping Beauty, tightening her seat belt.

"Oh, a smart mouth gal. For your information, the Army Surplus is the best and I'll prove it when I beat your itsy bitsy candy car," laughed Yosemite Sam.

The drivers left when the trumpet blared. Car # 1 was in the lead, with car #3 trailing behind. The crowd cheered for their favourites as they raced around the assigned route. Car #4 tried to overtake the Army Surplus, but found it impossible as it took up most of the lane. Yosemite Sam spun his gun around and blasted the car with paint bombs, so the driver couldn't see to continue. Cars # 2 and #5 were ahead of Yosemite Sam. He pressed a button, sending a large ball into #5's car muffler, stalling it.

"The enemy is down!" he shouted, intending to do damage to the ones left in front.

Sleeping Beauty shifted gears and floored the gas. She was a woman who loved adventure and tried almost any activity she found appealing. After being asleep for so long, one could say she was making up for lost time. The world had changed while she slept, and Sleeping Beauty awoke with a daredevil streak in her. The Prince understood and supported her whenever she had a new hobby.

A red flag pointed left and Sleeping Beauty went around the hairpin corners. She heard a rumble and realised car #1 had taken the corner too fast and ran into bushes. The Army Surplus was catching up. Yosemite Sam was pleased the other car was out, although he wished he had done the damage. He just had to teach "Smart Mouth Gal" a lesson.

The Army Surplus wasn't fast, but it came equipped with a bag of tricks. Yosemite Sam pressed the button releasing balls, aiming for the car's muffler, but Sleeping Beauty chose that moment to shift gears, making them bounce off the car. She was furious when she realised what was happening. No-one tampered with her Compact Pussycat!

"Back off, I'm not a woman to mess with!" She shouted, but Yosemite Sam only jeered. She went down the lane, and waited for the villain to catch up. As he approached, she threw one of the balls directly into the gun, just as Yosemite Sam pressed the button to release the paint bombs. It backfired and exploded in the tank, splashing Yosemite Sam all over. He lost control and crashed into a fallen log. She taught that villain a lesson instead.

Sleeping Beauty sped pass car #3, which had reduced speed after approaching a deep bend, and she raced to the finish line.


The crowd cheered as the judges presented Sleeping Beauty with her trophy. She was to compete in another race, but I'm not sure if I'll be around to witness that one. Best of luck, Sleeping Beauty!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

R Is For: Racers Rally - Part 1

Balloons on Sale
Fairyland was bustling with excitement. Today was the Racers Rally, which was held annually at the Fairy Forest Park. It was a big event which saw contestants showing off their expert driving skills, or lack of it. Families and friends used the occasion to have picnics and enjoy the races and other attractions.

Crimson Haybaler
The second race was about to start. It was one that the spectators were waiting anxiously to see. Happy climbed into the Crimson Haybaler that he and the other dwarfs had built in their spare time. It was his first time competing. Snow White blew him a kiss for luck.

Creepy Coupe

One of the six drivers was Captain Hook, who was proud of his brand new black Creepy Coupe.

"Hey doll, don't I get a lucky kiss too?" he asked, puckering his lips.

"Have respect for the ladies, or you won't have any lips!" Doc warned, giving him a angry glare.

White Rabbit blew his trumpet, signalling the start of the race. The drivers sped down the lane, keeping a lookout for the flags that marked the route they were to take. Car # 2 was in the lead, followed by Captain Hook, with Happy in fourth position. As they made the third bend, Car # 3 developed engine problems. Car #6 was too far behind to cause any concern. Captain Hook smiled. Two down, three to go. Driving a car was like sailing a boat, and he was master of both.

Car #5 was catching up. As the driver tried to overtake, Captain Hook blocked his way, causing the car to swerve and it ran into a ditch. The Captain laughed, and overtook car #2 shortly after.

Happy liked the way his car performed. It was lightweight and manoeuvred the corners smoothly. He was soon behind Captain Hook and then beside him.

"You won't be "Happy" when I win the race like last year!" shouted the surprised Captain Hook, driving faster. He blocked Happy every chance he got on the narrow lane.

Happy knew what he was up to, and pressed the turbo booster switch that Grumpy had insisted on installing. The car shot forward, leaving a trail of dust which covered the Creepy Coupe. The dust made Captain Hook cough and he couldn't see either. He made a left turn when he should have continued right, and ended up in the duck pond. The driver of car #6 eventually passed by.

"I guess I'm not last anymore," he said, laughing as Captain Hook ranted about his new car, while being pecked by angry ducks. Happy won the race without any competition!


"We're proud of you,' said Dopey, and everyone echoed his praise. The crowd cheered when Happy was presented with the winner's trophy. This was the last event of the morning, but races would resume after lunch. I'm staying to watch the other races, are you?

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Q Is For: Queen Of Hearts -Tarts (Poetry)

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts made lemon tarts, enough
To nibble on when surfing Google and eBay
Mad Hatter thought they were hard and ruff
To use as puck, a game was about to play

Queen of Hearts Tarts

The Queen found out, with an angry shout
Marched right up to the culprit Mad Hatter 
Where are my tarts, you sneaking old lout
Tell me or your skinny bones I will splatter

Mad Hatter was irate for losing his candy
Few rounds, she would have cried defeat
I took your tarts and that's fine and dandy
They make good hits, but a tasteless treat

Go bake more pucks for me to hit and score
The Queen saw red, punched the Mad Hatter
Down he went, one, two, three.... out on four
Didn't I warn, your skinny bones I 'd splatter

Mad Hatter
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Friday, 18 April 2014

P Is For: Princess Pea Test

When Queen Layla realised how frustrated her son, Prince Felipe was becoming when he could not find a genuine princess to marry, she devised a plan to weed out the impostors. She placed a pea under the bottom mattress of the bed, and stacked a lot of mattresses on top.

If a woman came to the castle claiming to be a princess, she would be given that particular bed to sleep in. If she complained the next morning about not getting any sleep because the bed had an uncomfortable lump in it, then that would prove her claim of being a real princess.

Real princesses are sensitive and would have felt the pea, even with numerous mattresses piled on top. Well, her test was successful and Prince Felipe was able to marry an honest to goodness genuine princess.

Bed Used For Princess Pea Test

When news of Queen Layla's Princess Pea Test spread like wild fire, other Queens who had sons asked for her assistance. Finding real princesses was like looking for a needle in a haystack. There were too many impostors going around claiming to be royalty, and faking their affections. The mothers wanted their sons to have happy, loving marriages.

After giving it much thought, Queen Layla realised that she could turn the Princess Pea Test into a lucrative business. Managing a castle came with expenses, and she was always looking for ways to earn money for its upkeep. She was after all, offering an important service that benefited others.

Soon, it was not only royalty that wanted the Princess Pea Test. Other mothers begged the Queen to help them. Their precious sons deserved to be treated like the princes too. They wanted happy marriages for their sons to women with kindness and love in their hearts.

Queen Layla does her best to help people find genuine love. Other persons started their own Princess Pea Test services, but soon went out of business. The pea that Queen Layla uses is a very rare one, and only she and Prince Felipe knows how to grow it in their greenhouse. True love brings happiness.

Heart of Love

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

O Is For: Organising The "Z" Ball

File:A Bela e a Fera - The Beauty and the Beast.jpg
Beauty & The Beast

"We only have 11 days to prepare for the "Z" Ball," said Prince Beast, looking at the roses.

"That's not much time, but knowing Cinderella, I don't need to worry. Her organisational skills are legendary," Princess Beauty commented, as they strolled around the gardens of Cinderella's Country Cottage.

Cinderella's Country Cottage

"You're right, darling. She'll make our ball a success," the Beast replied, kissing his wife's hand.

"Have you two made up your minds on the festivities you want for the big day?" asked Cinderella, carrying her organiser.

"No, we're still undecided, but welcome any suggestions you have. My beloved Beast wouldn't mind if we included Joker games, as he loves to play. But I was thinking of...Oh, I  really don't have a clue, Cinderella!" laughed Beauty.

"Don't worry, Beauty. Planning a function is not as easy as it looks. The Joker games can be played much later in the night, and we can have a few bridge games for the ladies, to add balance. Of course, these can be played when some persons will be too tired from dancing, although that's what I'd much prefer they do," said Cinderella with a smile, as she made notes.

"I knew you were the best person to organise our ball."

"Oh Beauty, it's so nice of you to say that."

"Ladies, I see Prince Charming standing by the door, so I'll leave you two to do the planning, as I know the main responsibility I will have is paying the bill," said Prince Beast, pretending to frown. Beauty gave him a playful nudge in his side as he walked away.

"Men!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, I know. They rarely want to help with the planning, but maybe we're better off. You wouldn't want to end up with a Joker party instead of the ball as intended."

" Now that would be a spoiler for me. One thing I do know I want, is lots of flowers...roses and orchids. Beast is fond of them."

"That's  a lovely selection. Lil Red owns The Blooming Florist where I get most of my floral  arrangements. I'll give her a call. You sent the invitations out already, and the menu was arranged the last time we spoke. The only thing we have to worry about is the weather and what we are going to wear," said Cinderella with a smile.

"I haven't decided on the gown as yet. It's so confusing with so many beautiful ones to choose from."

"I'm having that problem too. But think of the fun we're going to have," replied Cinderella as they went to join their husbands. Beauty agreed, knowing they were going to celebrate the challenges of April in grand style.

Flowers for Z Ball

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N Is For: Night Out With The Boys

File:Snow white 1937 trailer screenshot (2).jpg
The Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs looked around the crowded room of the Fairy Rock Cafe. The music was playing and Happy tapped his feet to the rhythm. A waitress escorted them to an empty table and took their orders.

"It sure feels good to have a night on the town," Sleepy remarked, drinking a glass of Peter Pan Punch.

"Yes, we've worked very hard this week in the mines and at the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Emporium. It's time we had a little fun," Doc replied as the food came. The Dumbo Double Burger was his favourite food at the Fairy Rock Cafe.

Grumpy took a big bite of the Captain Hook Submarine he had ordered and smiled with delight. These subs were so cheesy with lots of pickles. Just the way he liked it. His only complaint was that he finished it too quickly and ordered another.

Captain Hook Sub

Everyone was in a good mood. They joined in the singing with the other patrons and Happy danced with Little Bo Peep, who had a day off from working at the Alice Wonderland Retreat. She had come with her closest friends, Mary, who had a little lamb and Little Boy Blue, who liked to blow his horn.

Little Bo Peep
Little Bo Peep and her friends joined the Seven Dwarfs at their table. Another round of Peter Pan Punch was ordered, along with more Dumbo Double Burgers, Fairy Fries, Cheshire Cat Cheesecake, and a batch of Tinkerbell Tarts. Of course, they could not resist the Fairy Cakes either.

Fairy Cakes

"Mary, where is your little lamb?" asked Sneezy, who remembered to take his allergy medication this time.

"I left it with Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh so I could hang out with my friends," said Mary, reaching for another Tinkerbell Tart.

"I wonder if my sheep found their wagging tails home," Little Bo Peep remarked, as she got up to dance again, this time with Dopey, who seemed rather reluctant to dance. Doc smiled when he saw Dopey's expression.

"Are you going to keep them if they do return?" asked Dopey, trying to be a good sport on the dance floor.

"I think I will, if they promise not to run off again. I hate it when I can't find my sheep. It's annoying."

The music was really good and soon the others joined Little Bo Peep and Dopey on the floor. Mary and Little Bo Peep had a grand time exchanging partners, seeing that they were the only females in the group. The friends partied into the night, drinking rounds of Peter Pan Punch, and didn't leave until the staff told them it was time to close.

Plans were made to have another night on the town. Little Bo Peep and her friends walked as they lived nearby, and the Seven Dwarfs left in Doc's car, with Happy as the driver. 

Peter Pan Punch

Hmm! I wonder what they put in the Peter Pan Punch that makes everyone so happy.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M Is For: Making Up Is Sweet As Honey

Bandit Bear

After spending a miserable rainy day at home with a growling tummy constantly reminding him that he needed food, Bandit Bear knew he had to make some changes in his life. The first thing he did was call Dr. Alice of Wonderland Retreat. She was always so nice and he felt comfortable talking to her.

It was she who talked him into coming today and arranged a meeting with his parents. Mama Bear refused to have Goldilocks attend when it was suggested. She could never forgive Goldilocks for letting her Baby Bear turn into a honey snatching addict. There was a time when she wanted the girl punished, but decided not to take action.

Time heals all wounds, she often told Papa Bear.

"Bandit Bear, do you have anything to say to your parents?" asked Dr. Alice.

"Uh, ye, yes," Bandit Bear stammered nervously. "I'm sorry for the pain and embarrassment you went through when I became a villain. I don't know why I thought it would be cool to steal honey and cause mischief."

Mama Bear did her best to keep back the tears, but it was no use. The tears kept rolling down her cheeks, and Papa Bear handed her the box of tissues from Dr. Alice's desk. Bandit Bear felt guilty watching the parents he loved so much suffer because of him.

"Do you really want to change, or are you just saying that so you can get money from  your parents to buy the sweet stuff in larger quantities?" asked Dr. Alice, while taking notes.

'I want to change. I don't like being chased by the Bear Patrol, and being locked up in Honeyville Jail is not nice at all. Too many persons have been hurt because of me and I want to make amends," confessed Bandit Bear. He felt like crying too, but pride refused to let the tears fall.

"You have a honey snatching addiction and that is not something that easily goes away. You will need therapy to help you recover. Are you willing to do that?" asked Dr. Alice.

"Yes, I am," replied Bandit Bear, nodding his head.

"Dr. Alice, please do whatever it takes to bring our boy home where he belongs," pleaded Papa Bear.

"We miss him so much," uttered Mama Bear, reaching out to Bandit Bear, who gladly went to his parents and the three hugged each other in an emotional reunion.

"Well, the first thing I recommend is that Bandit Bear change his nickname and just return to plain old Baby Bear, at least until he can come up with a better nickname to use," said Dr. Alice with a smile.

"Yes, I'll do that. Another thing I want to do is return to the Nutten But Honey Store and apologise to Sally Bear for hurting her, and stealing the bottle of honey from the store. It was wrong of me and I didn't realise just how much my addiction had gotten out of hand until recently. I really like her and hope she will be friends with me, after I recover," said Baby Bear with a slight grin.

"Oh, I guess we may end up changing our names from the Three Little Bears to the Four Little Bears, if you get lucky, son," laughed Papa Bear, feeling proud of his son who appeared to be making small, but positive changes in his life.

Mama Bear cried more tears, but this time they were done in joy. She knew it would take awhile for their son to recover from his addiction, but they were back together as a family and their love would see them through.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

L Is For: Lil Red In A Hood

Lil Red In A Hood

Lil Red parked her car and hurried up the walkway to the Sunny Brook Retirement Home. She had a basket of flowers she had selected from her flower shop named The Blooming Florist, some fruit, and a few freshly baked prune danish pastries from the bakery. Grandma always liked those best. When Grandma became too feeble to care for herself, Lil Red talked her into selling her cottage in the lonely woods and moving into a home where she would be properly cared for.

Flowers for Grandma

"Psst, hey girl, ya lookin' fine this morning. Sizzling! Are those for me?" said a voice in a soft spoken drawl.

Lil Red turned around and rolled her eyes when she realised who had spoken.

"Oh, it's you, Wolfie. Up to no good, as always."


"Oh, c'mon, Little Red Riding Hood. Ya sure know how to hurt a guy's feelings. I'll have ya know I work here now, cleaning out the ladies... uh, I mean cleaning the floors."

"First of all, I no longer go by the name Little Red Riding Hood. It's Lil Red now. Secondly, if I hear that you're trying to con these sweet little old ladies, my Granny included, I'll put you back in jail where you belong!"

"What! Who me? I'm a changed guy, lil sweet thing. A wolf ya can trust. I'll make sure Granny is well cared for. How bout you... fancy a cup of coffee later? I know this quiet place out in the woods..."

"Humph! Once a wolf, always a wolf. My mother told me to beware of wolves like you. Pity I didn't take her advice that day. Look what happened to Grandma and me. For the last time, it's Lil Red."

"Ya not the gullible innocent girl I remembered picking flowers. Ya were so easy to sweet talk back then. What happened to ya?"

Lil Red In Her Youth

"I grew up, wiser. The world is filled with wolves like you, always preying on the weak and innocent. You tricked me when I was younger, but it won't happen again. Be warned Wolfie."

"Aw man. Ya sure have changed. But I'm a wolf who never gives up. I know how to charm the ladies. I'll be back, Lil Red," Wolfie said, picking up his mop and bucket.

"I can read you like a book, Wolfie. Your plan won't work," replied Lil Red as she went in to see her Grandma. She knew how to keep the wolves at bay.

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

K Is For: Kindness To Kin (Poetry)

Cinderella's stepmother's treatment was spiteful and mean

Would she have loving affection, the future had she seen?

The stepsisters weren't better; lazy, jealous were those two

Couldn't understand why suitors didn't call on them to woo

Snow White's stepmother, Evilia, was the evilest of them all

Poisoned an apple to see a beautiful stepdaughter's downfall

Her scheme did not work, as the mirror reminds her everyday

So she applies jars of beauty cream known as Witch of Olay

Cinderella and Snow White's love for others weren't in vain

Look how they're happy, then see their families envious pain

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Friday, 11 April 2014

J Is For: Joker Gone Wild

Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter sat at the table shuffling the deck of cards. He was feeling lucky. The Queen of Hearts had won the two games yesterday, and he was still fuming over the bag of lollipops he had to hand over as the prize. It was a good thing Alice did not suspect they were using toffee as chips and lollipops as the prize. They would not get any more. Each colour of the lollipops had a prize value.


The Queen of Hearts watched carefully as the Mad Hatter did his fancy shuffling.

Queen of Hearts

Show-off, she thought. I wonder how many lollipops I can take him for? That's if he has any left after I cleaned him out yesterday.

The Cheshire Cat was the scorekeeper. White Rabbit blew his trumpet to signal the start of the game. A small crowd was gathering to watch the play-off. Everyone knew how competitive these two were. They were the best Joker players at Wonderland Retreat. But they were also the most quarrelsome too, despite their strong friendship. 

"I see you 2, raise you 1," Mad Hatter said, trying to keep a Joker face. One of the yellow lollipops was the prize this time. It had high value like the red ones. Oh, how he loved those.

"That's not fair," replied the Queen of Hearts in her deep, raspy voice. "Cheating so soon in the game?"

"Who are you calling a cheater?" You silly old bat!"

"Off with his head! How dare you call me names!" 

"You can't take my head off. We're at Wonderland Retreat, you nut!"

"Too bad. It would have been more entertaining than playing Joker with a fool."

"Yep, you are the fool, but I couldn't find another Joker player."

"Ow!" exclaimed the March Hare when a toffee hit his face. "What was that for?"

"Sorry March Hare, I was trying to knock the hat off that old geezer beside you," apologised the Queen.

"Oh, so it was me you were trying to hit. You have lousy aim. Here, let me show you what a good throw looks like!" shouted the Mad Hatter, and he threw a giant lollipop at the Queen of Hearts which hit her smack in the middle of her face, knocking her off her throne.

Queen of Hearts Throne

The two friends tended to argue more than they played. This seemed to draw a bigger crowd, as Wonderland Retreat had gotten a few more patients. The International Cuckoo Investigation Agency (I.C.I.A.) were impressed with her treatment of Pinky and the Brain, and often sent her new clients. Business was good for Dr. Alice. 

"Oh, get on with the game. I haven't all day to keep score of your craziness," yawned the Cheshire Cat, as he made himself comfortable on a lounge chair.

Dr. Alice looked out the window when she heard the commotion. She saw candy being thrown all over the place and ran outside.

"That's my good candy going to waste. Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter, go to your rooms after you clean up this mess. There will be no more candy treats for you two for a awhile."

"She started it," complained the Mad Hatter. 

"No, I did not!" said the Queen of Hearts, pushing him.

"Cut it out!" Alice said firmly. Thank goodness it was Friday, she thought. A tall glass of strawberry smoothie is what I need to unwind.

The poor Mad Hatter looked sad as he went to his room. His luck had changed again. Will he ever win a Joker game against the Queen of Hearts?

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