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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

B Is For: Bandit Bear Strikes Again!

Bandit Bear

The Daily Buzz Reporter: Newz-Mewz (Honeyville, Bearsylvania) 

An angry crowd had gathered outside the Nutten But Honey Store. The owner, Miss Sally Bear had been attacked and robbed by Bandit Bear, a villain known for stealing honey. You may remember him as Baby Bear, formerly of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Miss Bear was upset and could barely manage to growl a few words when questioned. 

"How dare that sweet tooth philanderer try to proposition me? Who the dickens does he think he is, walking into my store demanding to sample my honey? No money, no honey!"

Jars of honey on shelves at Nutten But Honey Store

Sally is a successful business bear and in her line of profession, sampling the honey before buying is not good business ethics. She is a bear of high morals who refused to lower her standards for this honey sipping scoundrel. Sally Bear tried to reason with the villain but was unsuccessful.

Bandit Bear became volatile and grabbed a bottle of honey from the shelf, with the intention of walking out the store. Sally reached out to take it from him and was pushed hard, hitting her back against the shelf behind her.

She growled in pain and the noise alerted the Bear Patrol. They chased Bandit Bear and were able to make a stinging arrest, after he ran into a bush occupied by a hive of bees. The sweet loot was later returned to its rightful owner. 

The buzz around Honeyville is that the once adorable Baby Bear was influenced into a life of honey snatching addiction, after Goldilocks broke into his family home and got away with the crime. Bandit Bear's parents were not available for an interview when contacted, but sources say that Papa and Mama Bear have spoken to psychiatrist, Dr. Alice of Wonderland Retreat. We hope to have further updates of "Baby Bear gone bad."

Honey Hive

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