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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A is For: Alice Of Wonderland Retreat

Alice of Wonderland  Retreat

Dr. Alice looked out the office window of her Wonderland Retreat. She smiled as she watched the Mad Hatter arguing with the Queen of Hearts. Those two will never agree on anything, she mused.

She remembered the day she fell into a hole which took her into another world she hadn't known existed, and no-one believed her when she related her tale. It was there that she met the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, March Hare and many other colourful characters. They were always doing crazy antics, but thought she was the loony one for not acting like them.

That little adventure changed her forever. After returning home, Alice reflected on her life and decided to become a psychiatrist. She eventually opened the Alice Wonderland Retreat, a highly recognised institution.

It was the March Hare who discovered Dr. Alice's whereabouts while attending a March Hare Hop fest, and decided to pay her a visit. He didn't leave. The others eventually came and checked themselves in, believing the Alice Wonderland Retreat was an all-inclusive resort.

The friends are still not convinced Alice is a doctor, but always want to recline on her hot pink couch and pour their problems out. They even refuse to leave her office until she hands out those giant lollipops with the swirls on them. The Queen of Hearts now rules her kingdom from the retreat, as the place is fully equipped with Internet access. She also bought a smartphone and joined Google+ to keep up with current affairs.

Dr. Alice returned to the desk and waited for her next appointment...Pinky and the Brain. The obsession to take over the world had gotten out of hand, and the International Cuckoo Investigation Agency (I.C.I.A.) had requested her medical expertise. She sighed and took a sip of strawberry smoothie. This was going to be as challenging as AtoZ.

The Mad Hatter

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