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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My AtoZ Theme Reveal 2014

A2Z Theme Reveal

Hello bloggers,

Being a part of the AtoZ April Challenge is an exciting, new experience for me. My original plan was to post random stories and articles, but it became puzzling for me deciding the topics to write for this challenge.

The deadline was coming up. I kept returning to the AtoZ  community to read and re-read the regular updates and useful guides that seasoned participants shared, as well as the questions that other newbies like myself had.

Participants are encouraged to create a theme, but although I was not particularly interested in doing this, I'm now glad I did. It's a more organised method for me in this challenge, not to mention the fun that goes with it. My theme (the 3rd one) which I'm sticking to, is mainly a collection of stories relating to fairy tale characters. Have you ever asked yourself "Where are they now?" "What are they doing?"

Well, you'll certainly find out what a few of your favourite characters are up in the tales I'm going to post on my blog. I'm really excited about this and have written a few already. If I can't find any characters to match the letters, such as Z, then I'll include other items and poems from my collection.

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this theme will be entertaining for you to  read!

Here is a poem I wrote for a senryu contest sometime ago. I thought it perfect for this post.

writers faith

writing a story
must be very creative
reviewers hold fate

Wishing everyone an awesome, fun-tastic AtoZ Challenge!