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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Feeling The Write Vibes

Yesterday I wrote a 150 word story for the Glipho prompt. After writing it, I edited and was pleased with the outcome but did not submit it. Someone refrained me from doing so. It was my newly employed muse. She didn't think it was the right story for the prompt.

Sure, it was nicely written and we agreed on that, but she wasn't feeling the connection that Glipho wanted. Back to the drawing board, and I typed another story that was entirely different to the first. Again, another good article, but my muse was still hesitant about me posting it.

Why? She explained that writers should always feel comfortable and confident with the content. Never be too hasty to post, especially if it is for contests. I confess I have been guilty of this a couple of times, and regretted my quickie posts.

After writing an article, think about the content and ask yourself if it feels right for the occasion. She though the two stories would be ideally suitable as daily blog posts. That makes sense, I thought. She's earning the pittance I haven't paid as yet.

With the help of a good cup of coffee to stabilise my patience, I sat at the desk and began to type again, clueless to a plot. My fingers moved swiftly, churning out 58 words per minute. You want to feel the damn vibes. Well, I'll give them to you! 

The third time was the charmer, and as much as I hated to admit this to my muse, she was right again. I actually felt the vibes she spoke about, and knew this was the one I wanted to post on Glipho. It was a success, and received great reviews!

With this being said, it made me wonder if other writers have similar problems, or am I being too fussy. This is not the first time this drama occurred, but for some unexplained reason, I actually paid more attention to my muse. The added plus is that there are two completed stories I can use anytime, and will add them to the other ones that are waiting to be posted.

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