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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Urn My Love


Melanie decided to get some spring cleaning done before Dan got home from work. She worked most of the morning moving furniture, vacuuming the rugs, and dusted most of the rooms. As she dusted the bookcase in the living room, an urn that was on the top shelf fell off.

"Why did this have to happen now?" she grumbled.

The contents of the urn had spilled all over the floor, but the container was not damaged. Melanie quickly cleaned up the mess and placed most of the ashes back into the urn. She returned it to its original position and looked around the room.

There were a lot of useless objects taking up space. If she could get rid of most of them today, then maybe the house would feel more like hers, once she did some redecorating. This thought cheered her spirits.

Melanie worked hard sorting through pieces to keep, and throwing away others she considered junk. The garbage bin was full and Melanie dragged it outside to the curb. She returned to the house and made herself a cup of coffee, finally relaxing.

As Melanie looked out the front window, she saw the garbage collectors. One of them was examining her trash and picked up something from a box she had dumped.

"Hey, look at this beauty! Why would someone throw it away?" he asked excitedly, looking at his reflection on the object.

"Some folks don't appreciate fine things," his partner remarked.

"I bet I could get a good price at Joe's Antiques," the new owner said. Melanie smiled when she heard the conversation. She looked at a framed picture of herself and Dan on their wedding day and started to laugh.

"Well, Mother Harper, you didn't want your precious son to marry me. You said I wasn't good enough for him. All you ever did was complain about my cooking and cleaning."

Melanie and Dan moved in with his mother when they married two years ago. Mother Harper died from an illness three months ago. She had requested cremation and her remains were to stay in the house. Melanie was convinced she only did this to spite her daughter-in-law, as Mother Harper was a tyrant who tried her best to come between her and Dan.

"This place won't be the same without your presence. In fact, it's going to be a pleasure to finally live a happier life without a constant reminder of you."

All she had to do was tell Dan his mother's urn was in the basement because she was redecorating. That excuse should work. For now.

"Pity you're not around to see how I finally keep house!"

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