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Monday, 29 September 2014

Writing Relaxation


It's nice to be back doing something I love. I took a break from blogging in August and got some well deserved rest mingled with fun, spent time trying to organize a better working schedule again, and caught up on a few of my writing assignments and chores which were neglected for so long.

Each time I decided to write and submit an article for my blog, something always came up, or I procrastinated and told myself "later." When people constantly delay doing certain tasks, it will become more difficult to accomplish them. I didn't want to give myself another excuse why I couldn't resume blogging. So here I am!

I wrote a different article for my post, intending to return last week, but my plans changed. Regrettably, one of my favourite uncles passed away and was buried on Saturday. His death, as well as Tina Downey @ Life is Good, also made me aware that our time is so precious. It should be spent wisely, doing things we like while enjoying the company of those we hold dear.

I missed the blogosphere and decided that it was indeed time to return to a place which has brought me happiness and great friendships.

I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to write again!

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