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Monday, 12 March 2018

The Fook Book: Untraditional Recipes for Sexy People

Once you Fook, you'll be hooked! The Fook Book: Untraditional Recipes for Sexy People is written by The Fooking Queen of innovative eating, Lorna Day. Her inspired recipes are the perfect choices for your intimate dinners and parties. Have a foodgasm dining on Slutty Pasta, Aztec Avocados, Barcelona Buns, Eggplant Bruschetta, Shrimpberry Salad, Sexy Pork, Drunken Lasagna, and You Tarzan, Me Jane.

Bet you won't be able to resist those Naughty Peaches, Russian Creme-A-Licious, and Mermaid Cake while sipping a glass of Rose-Colored Vodka. May I suggest a plate of Mermaid's Hangover Cure after imbibing a few Second Night Stands?

If you love to eat but dislike the complexities of cooking, then you should be Fooking. Fun + cooking = Fooking. These wittily named recipes are accompanied by mouth-watering photos. Lorna Day is a creative Fook who believes good food should be fun and easy to prepare without any hassles. The ingredients are readily available and likely consumed by us regularly. I couldn't believe ramen noodles could be so versatile. Nachos Acapulco and Paradise Salad are so tempting.

The overall presentation of the book is very appealing and I liked the author's amusing comments. Whether you're skilled in the kitchen and just need something different to try or an amateur who yearns to dominate the kitchen, you'll appreciate these simple and easy to prepare meals. The Fook Book: Untraditional Recipes for Sexy People is the stress-free alternative to cooking. The Fook Book by Lorna Day will unleash the Fooking romantic in you!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' Favorite

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