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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Book Review: Clive the Clever Crow


Clive the Clever Crow is a story for small children written by Sandra Novello. Someone has been eating the children's lunches at school and they want to know whom the culprit is. They do not know that the lunch snatcher is Clive the Clever Crow, often seen on a fence or in a tree in the schoolyard. Clive seems to be proud of what he does and brags about it in a letter he wrote to the kids. He lets them know how easy it is to take their lunches because they often leave their bags open, and he cannot resist the yummy foods in them. Clive is happy that he longer has to dig for worms, or go searching for snails or ants. The thing he dislikes though is the magic web that wraps the food because it tangles his feet. He tells the children they will never catch him because he is Clive the Clever Crow.

I am certain that Clive the Clever Crow will have to start digging for worms again, once the children read his letter. They will remember to keep their bags closed or their lunches will disappear. Sandra Novello has written a pleasant tale with a fun rhyming form. The book is also educational because it teaches kids about the foods birds like to eat, and what plastic wrapping (magic web) can do to their feet. The brightly coloured illustrations complement the story. This very short book by Sandra Novello will be a favourite both in schools and in homes.

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