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Monday, 2 March 2015

Mama Cried

Book Blurb: 

Jenny was enjoying herself on the swings when Azula, one of the guardians of the playground came to take her away. Together they journey to a cinder building where Jenny must make an important decision.


In Mama Cried by Talia Haven, a young girl named Jenny was murdered, but she is still not entirely aware of this fact. While playing on the swings with other children, her guardian Azula returns to take her to a prison where she is to make a big decision. Jenny's puppies, Morgan and Wilson follow them. Theodore, Jenny's murderer, is the only person in the prison who can see her, and the pets who have suddenly grown into large hounds. He is about to be executed and is read his last rites, confident that God has forgiven him for his heinous crime. Jenny sees her grieving mother Vivian holding a picture of her and remembers the reason for her mother's tears. Azula gently reminds Jenny that it is time to decide if she will grant Theodore mercy or punish him, but she is hesitant about doing so until Theodore decides to say a few last words to Vivian.

Reading Mama Cried kept me deep in thought. Talia Haven has produced a short story that leans on the dark side, based on its content. She leaves readers with sufficient intrigue in a plot that sees its main character Jenny narrating, as she probes the past in order to understand her present situation. Talia Haven does not dawdle in her writing, so she manages to create an intensely emotional story. A few angles to the plot are worth debating. I do think, however, that the blurb does not have sufficient information because it gives the impression that this book is for young readers. This unique tale contains about nine pages and is suitable for adults. Nonetheless, the author writes nicely and expressively, and it's a story worth reading.

The book can be found on the following sites:

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