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Monday, 16 November 2015

Book Review: Moxie's Decision

Book Blurb:

Moxie's story continues! Moxie is determined to rule as queen after her father, King Smedley, dies. But Smedley refuses to acknowledge her as his heir. Her uncle also wants the throne and he's already tried once to eliminate Moxie's competition.

Moxie realizes she hasn't been trained to rule and she needs lessons about the real world. She decides to flee the castle to learn how to rule and to learn about life outside the castle. Moxie faces unexpected challenges as she struggles to cope with a brutal reality that tests her mettle and determination. 

This is a coming of age story that is decidedly different from the usual ones. The book is filled with memorable characters, satire and humour. What more can a reader wish for? The story takes place against a backdrop of Camelot, but this Camelot is in a parallel universe. So don't expect the usual stories and tales. Ain't gonna happen.

My Review:

Homely looking Princess Moxie knows she will never become her father’s successor to the throne, especially if her scheming uncle gets his way to become king instead. She flees the castle and enrols at the Heroes Guild to learn fighting and other survival skills. The training is torturous, thanks to her instructor, Harry the Murderer. Moxie, who can be obnoxious herself, wonders how long her patience will last before hitting him. She is given a mission to capture a band of outlaws and follows their trail, but soon realizes that she is outnumbered when she enters their camp alone.

King Artie of Camelot is worried because Hengist the Saxon intends to invade England with a larger army than his. The only way to defeat the Saxons is to play a game of football, but the Knights of the Round Table have a series of ailments that will strengthen the opponent’s chances. Hemp smoking Merlin devises a plan with the coach and sorceress, Rowan, but Artie fears they may be too late to save Camelot. Sir Tristan, one of Artie’s knights organises the festive entertainment with renditions of “How Do I Loathe Thee, Let Me Count the Ways,” ”Deck the Hall with Battle Loot,” and The Merchant of Londinum.”

Moxie’s Decision (Princess Moxie) is the amusing fantasy sequel to Moxie’s Problem by Hank Quense, which I also reviewed. The story is a terrific conclusion and is just as entertaining as Book One, which I recommend reading first. Moxie, who was accustomed to getting her own way and annoyed everyone with her constant nagging, has matured a great deal.

She still shows a bit of the haughtiness that makes her stand out and is one of my favourite characters. Hank Quense takes readers into a satirical version King Artie’s Camelot with tongue-in-cheek humour and colourful characters. Queen Gwenevere and her buxom cheerleaders’ antics will keep you laughing, so will Merlin’s mind-reading tests. The author writes exceedingly well, is very imaginative and I want to read more of his books.

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