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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Book Review: Impersonator

Book Review:

Peter R. Stone is the author of Impersonator from the post-apocalyptic trilogy – Forager Impersonator

The year is 2021 A.D. Chelsea and her twin brother Brandon Thomas live with their family in Newhome, a town that enforces archaic laws and severely punishes its residents for not conforming to them. The siblings dream of escaping their regimented hometown, but they know that it is impossible because the intimidating Custodians constantly monitors everyone.

When Brandon suddenly disappears, Chelsea disguises herself  to become her brother's replacement at his job site. Women are forbidden to work or dress like males, but Chelsea needs the money to support her mother and younger sister. While working with Brandon’s unscrupulous co-workers, she begins to suspect the reason for his mysterious disappearance. Chelsea’s sleuthing is hampered when local bullies rob and beat her up, believing she is Brandon, whom they have targeted for a reason.

Impersonator is from the Forager Impersonator  post-apocalyptic trilogy that I liked a lot, and was impressed with its catchy beginning. This is a thought-provoking story from Peter R. Stone who displays his creative side with a fluid writing style. I would rebel if I had to live such a restricted lifestyle like the residents of Newhome. Chelsea, who narrates the story, has a very courageous attitude and a compassionate side.  A few other characters who were also noteworthy livened the intriguing plot as well. Peter R. Stone has written a wonderful book, and I look forward to reading more from his Forager Impersonator trilogy.

Disclaimer*** I received Impersonator in exchange for a fair review. ***


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