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Friday, 10 January 2014

Book Review: A Bouquet of Dilemma

A Bouquet of Dilemma, written by Tayo Emmanuel, is a story which has settings in Nigeria. Tobi and her best friend, Maggie, are young ambitious college students who enter into relationships. Both want lasting romance, but the prejudices of society hinders the happiness of both. Maggie is frustrated because her boyfriend's mother does not want her son to marry someone outside of their tribe; while Tobi's boyfriend, Richard, isn't interested in college and comes from a background her family would not approve of.

While Maggie tries to work out solutions to deal with Chuck's mother, Tobi hides her engagement from her parents, and she and Richard continue a long distance relationship after he migrates to England. Tobi meets Oba, a man who is also in love with her, and accepted by her parents. The decisions that these two friends make where romance is concerned, are completely different and complex in their own way.

A Bouquet of Dilemma contains the typical problems that young people have while attending college, and getting involved with the opposite sex. Tayo Emmanuel's confident writing style captures the rich and diverse culture of Nigeria, giving the reader an insight into the country's history, politics and its people. The book has minor grammar issues regarding proper punctuation that can mar sentence interpretation, but this can be easily edited, and did not affect my reading.


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