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Friday, 3 January 2014

Book Review: Plague of Angels (The Descended)

Plague of Angels (The Descended) held me spellbound, so I was unable to put this riveting book down until I finished. Fortunately for me, I'm a fast reader so this was easy. It's obvious that the author, John Patrick Kennedy has talent; the story was never boring and flowed at good pace with a strong plot.

Nyx is the Queen of Hell and one of the fallen angels. She wants to reign as powerfully as God Himself. If you have ever watched the cartoon Pinky and the Brain, then you'll understand how determined Nyx is in her quest to take over the world. This Queen of Hell can transform into a beautiful  enchantress or any other form to achieve her goal, and will do everything and everyone to get what she wants. The other fallen angels are happy to follow Nyx and do her bidding.

God's son, Tribunal, is sent to earth to live there for awhile. Tribunal knows what God has in store for his future, but decides that it is not the way he wants his life to turn out. Nyx preys upon his weakness and God's son falls under her spell. He is unable to control his sexual urges, and the two engage in a sizzling affair, while scheming to do things their way. The sequence of events is nicely detailed, so I was able to visualize everything which occurred, along with its natural exchange of dialogue. That is an important factor for me when reading.

What is clear to me, is that John Patrick Kennedy has an imaginative mind and knows how to write descriptively and boldly. I say this, as he has managed to create a very unique version on religious sexual fantasy, that takes a controversial spin on the bible stories I know. Plague of Angels (The Descended) is not designed for those who are easily offended by graphic sex, as it does play an active role in this well written book.