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Monday, 30 December 2013

Kids New Years Eve Party


Christmas came and left, and now the focus has shifted to the festivities that will be held on New Years Eve. Most people are making plans to go to the numerous parties and ring in the New Year in style. This is great and I love the excitement this special day brings, but won't be going to any parties this year.

In fact, I didn't go to any last year either, and had a terrific time at home. My son was always sad whenever I went out, and felt that he should be a part of the celebrations. I decided to stay home last year, and hosted a very small kids party instead. This will also be repeated this year.

The guest list includes four of my son's cousins and  two of his friends. It has to be a small sleepover party because I don't intend to frazzle myself out. The bottles of sparkling fruit juice is already chilling in the fridge, and the disposable wine glasses and party favors were bought in advance. All that is needed is the food and that's not a problem. Pop some wings into the oven along with a batch of cookies, and everyone is happy.

Thank goodness for Pizza Hut too. The pizzas will be pre-ordered as I know how busy their delivery schedule can be. There will be enough snacks and activities planned, as I intend to have a good time with my young guests. One of my neighbours always have a party, so I don't have to play music as theirs is extremely loud. They will no doubt provide the fireworks, so that's added entertainment to watch from my windows. The kids are excited and looking forward to the sleepover party, so that certainly puts me in a happier mood.

I doubt I'll be hosting another in 2014. Another family member or friend will take a turn playing host next year. It's only fair, and it takes care of everyone's babysitting dilemma for the evening. This will probably be my last post for 2013, so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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