Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Horsing Around

“Quit horsing around, and behave yourselves!” scolded Harriet Hen as she marched her chicks into the courtyard.

It’s not our fault, Mom. Percy Pig was acting like an ass.” said Cherry Chick.

“Why did you have to rat on me?” asked Percy Pig in an annoyed manner.

“My sister‘s not a squealer. You take that back!” shouted Lucky Chick.

“What’s all the quacking about?” asked Dan Dog, as he approached the other animals.

“Percy Pig tried to milk us by eating most of the corn.” Rusty Rooster complained.

“I did not, you goatish old liar!”

“That bullish attitude will not be tolerated at all, Percy Pig!”Dan Dog said as he listened to the squabble.

That Percy Pig is baaad news,” Dotty Duck commented.

‘We all have to share and live peacefully on Friendly Farm. If you can’t abide by the rules, I’ll have to report you to Farmer Brown," warned Dan Dog.

“Please don’t report me, Dan Dog," pleaded Percy Pig. "I’m sorry I acted like a sly fox. It will not happen again,” 

“We’ll be watching you. Your wolfish appetite is always getting out of hand,” Clover Cow remarked, while chewing her cud.

‘That’s the clucking truth!” agreed Sam Sheep, slowing nodding his head.

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