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Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Ray of Hope (200 word flash fiction)

Rainy Weather

 Laura looked around the tiny studio, and sat on the bed and cried. Gary put his arms around her.

"Don't worry, darling. I'll get you a nicer place than this someday," he promised, wiping her tears away.

 He felt as dreary as the heavy downpour of rain outside, like the weatherman predicted.  
"Gary, what are we to do? You lost your job, we're behind in the rent, and the landlord wants to evict us. Maybe we acted hastily when we ran away and eloped. I know my dad will help us if we ask him."

"No! Your dad already thinks I'm a loser. Asking him for money will only convince him he's right," Gary retorted, answering the telephone when it rang. He smiled after the call ended.

"That was my uncle Ray who lives out of town. He offered me a job in his car service company, and wants me to start  right away. How do you feel about moving?"

"I can't wait," said Laura, kissing Gary. "It's a good opportunity to make a fresh start and pay our bills. Besides, you promised me a better home to live in."

Their future became brighter than the weatherman's forecast.

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