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Friday, 6 December 2013

A Neighbour to Watch

Mike and I were pleased when the house next door was sold. It had been empty for a while, and we hoped its new occupant was friendlier than the last couple who lived there.

My curiosity got the better of me, thinking the neighbour had enough time to get settled in. I baked some cookies to take along, and we went to welcome him to the neighbourhood.

Jake Briggs was a pleasant man and we hit it off instantly. He was in his forties, divorced, and worked as a freelance accountant from home. Mike and I invited him over to dinner a couple times, joking that single men shouldn't eat alone. It was good that Mike had male company to hang out with, I thought.

One morning after Mike left for work, I went to make myself a cup of coffee, and happened to glance out the kitchen window which faces my new neighbour's own. Jake was looking at me with a smile on his face. I waved and saw that he was shirtless. My eyes travelled down and realised he was in fact, stark naked. I quickly turned away from the window in shock.

When Mike got home I told him about the incident. He shrugged his shoulders, and told me Jake probably was embarrassed too, so I should forget about it. His response did not reassure me but didn't bother to comment.

Over the next few days Jake seemed to know my routine, and would stand by the kitchen window making sure I saw his nudity.  He even had the nerve to wink at me a couple times. I was embarrassed at first, but as he continued I was hopping mad.

My complaints fell on deaf ears whenever I spoke to Mike and we quarrelled.  He accused me of being jealous because Jake did not have a wife I could talk to. That remark stung because it wasn't true. Whenever Jake came over to hang out with Mike, he was so charming to me that Mike did not believe my complaints. 

I decided to take matters into my own hands and got even. Two can play the game, and I was not going to let my perverted neighbour win. He seemed to spend more time flaunting his naked body than working. As soon as Mike left for work the next morning, I went to the kitchen and washed up the dishes. Jake soon came and stood by his window blowing me a kiss. I felt like walking away but stayed to see my plan through.

I smiled as though I was now enjoying Jake's flirtatious manner, which only seemed to please him more. He slowly licked his lips with his tongue, and touched his genitals. His actions repulsed me, but my determination to put an end to Jake's lewd behaviour made me watch. Later that night while Mike was asleep, I sat at the computer and began to work.

I got up early the next morning, stuffed some sheets of paper in Jake's mail box, and put a few more in a couple of the closest neighbours' mail boxes as well. When Mike left for work I went and stood by the kitchen window, sipping my coffee while I waited for the creep to appear. It didn't take long, and he was soon up to his antics again. I gave him the finger and walked away.

Jake went to collect his mail and found some posters of him in all his glory. Each poster had him posing in various positions, and it was obvious he was enjoying every minute of it. Jake wore a stunned look on his face and glanced at my front window. I waved at him, and held up a sign with the word "BUSTED!" He hurried inside his house and slammed the door. By evening, everyone on the block knew about the pervert who recently moved there.

Jake won't be a neighbour for very long, as a Realtor came by to inspect his house. I hope the next occupants who live in the house will be a nice couple, and their stay will be much longer than Jake's. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't be too hasty to put away the hidden camera I installed in the kitchen.

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