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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

1 Drink 2 Many

I remember spending a few days with family and friends at a villa near the beach. It was a marvelous time frolicking in the pool, and dancing to pulsating rhythms of reggae and calypso.

There was a generous supply of alcohol, but most of the guests drank in moderation. However, a mature fun loving couple named Stella and Paul was never seen without drinks in their hands.

They kept the staff busy, as they continuously drank glasses of vodka chased with coconut water or ginger ale. Stella and Paul were the first ones to drink in the morning, and the last to leave the bar at nights. The effects of alcohol made Stella talkative, and it made Paul feel like a strutting young cock among the hens.

Stella liked to float on an inflatable raft in the pool while sipping her drink, and balanced the glass on her stomach when her hand got tired. If she needed another one, Paul or one of the staff were always there to “fill her up.” I knew Stella loved her liquid diet, but didn’t realize just how much until an incident occurred one day.

Most of us were busy playing dominoes, or doing other activities. The music was loud and no one paid any attention to the person in the pool. It was just luck that a friend looked toward the pool. Stella had fallen off the raft and had gotten into difficulties. We quickly ran over and heard her shouting as she went underwater.

“Help, save the drink!” Stella repeated a couple times as she went under and came back up. While she struggled to keep her head above water, Stella’s hand was raised high in the air, firmly holding onto her glass of alcohol.

“Save the what?” was the question we asked each other in disbelief.

“No, she couldn’t have said that.”

“Oh, yes, she did!”

 A couple of the men went to her assistance, as Paul was too pickled to rescue his wife. But he stood by the poolside laughing with the rest of us at the hilarious request Stella made when she almost drowned.  Her precious drink was saved too.

Stella was slightly shaken by the incident, so it was surprising to hear her say, ” I need a drink to calm my nerves.”

 She was told to rest instead, and managed to stay sober for a short period before drinking again, much to our disapproval. She had her husband’s company for a drinking partner. I’m glad I rarely socialize with this couple.

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