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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Book Review: Damaged Girls 1

 Damaged Girls is a most appropriate title for this book, written by Janice G. Ross.This author certainly knows how to spin a tale, as I was immediately drawn into the tangled web of lust and deceit she wove with an entertaining, yet serious modern day drama.

The story is narrated by Morgan, and is focused on her friend Stevie. Stevie is a man in his mid thirties who is only attracted to teenage girls, impatiently waiting for the day when they hit the legally ripe age of consent (16 yrs), so he can immediately start relationships with them.

He gets involved with Jessie, a young, lovestruck and headstrong teen, and rekindles an old flame named Jillie. (By old, I mean Jillie is now twenty-one, which is not the age group Stevie usually likes his girls to be in.) He is a jealous man who is determined to have his cake and eat it too, and that is evident throughout the story as it deepens with intriguing scenarios and intense dialogue.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed with the abruptness of the ending, and felt the story could have closed off with a proper air of suspense, leaving the reader to amusingly speculate its outcome. Let's hope Damaged Girls 2 make up for that, which I look forward to reading. However, Damaged Girls 1 is a book that is sure to make interesting table conversation or discussion.The author, Janice G. Ross wrote a good fiction story, although it reflects the realities of life that is sometimes seen in today's society.


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