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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Book Review: The Legend of the Moonstone

My curiosity was burning to see what adventure awaited me when I turned the pages of The Legend of the Moonstone. I was greeted with an interesting introduction to mineralogy, namely the moonstone gem. It's a topic that seems to be a favourite of Professor Bernard Stransky, and one which most of his students are especially fond of listening to. The strong aura emitting from the moonstone and the legendary folklore that the professor tells leaves a few of his students entranced.

The author, Meglena Ivanova led me into a fantasy world filled with magic, demons, superstitions, and mystical looking people who are divided between good and evil. They battle over the precious moonstone gem, as its power is known for strengthening the unity of love among mankind, and seals the love that couples have for each other. If the gem is placed into the wrong hands, it will have devastating effects as the stone's power is generated by the feelings of love, which unsavoury persons do not have.

It is fiercely protected throughout the ages by Kyle, "a reborn," and specially chosen guardians, who must make certain sacrifices in their lives to keep the power of the moonstone in peaceful harmony and safe from evil. This evil comes in the forms of Viper De Marina and his two sisters. They travel to Earth and possess the body of Christoph Collins, one of Professor Stransky's least popular students.

Professor Stransky had no idea that his lectures would lead him and his students on a dangerous mission; one that could cost them their lives as they do their best to protect the moonstone. The story takes one back into the past then forwards to the present, so that the historical events surrounding The Legend of the Moonstone can be easily understood.

Meglena Ivanova wrote a wonderful fantasy fiction that is sure to appeal to young adults. Her eyes for details were not lost on me, as I was clearly able to see the mystical settings and drama, containing humour entwined with a bit of sadness.The characters were easy to identify with, as each has a distinct fearless or fearful personality that made the book more entertaining for me. Having read this enjoyable story, I now look forward to seeing what occurs in book 2.


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