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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Book Review: The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang

Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers Favorite
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Boys will always get into entertaining mischief in The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang by Royal T. Honeycutt. These boys have one of the best summers, despite the repercussions of war. Seabiscuit and his brother stay with their loving grandparents on their farm. Both generations learn valuable lessons from each other because of the drama or prank the boys always find themselves in. Seabiscuit, the mature gang leader follows the others to sneak a smoke in the outhouse, steal apples from a neighbour's tree, or drink a bit of moonshine. His grandfather sometimes break the law, but quick thinking Seabiscuit often has his back, especially when the game warden is chasing gramps.

The book is filled with nostalgic memories of 1942 when war ruined many family lives, but the farming communities supported each other through the happy and sad times. Reading this story made me realise today's young generation missed out on a lot of fun. How many kids know how to climb a tree, go berry picking, catch frogs or build their own clubhouse? Seabiscuit and his friends didn't have Internet or cellphones. But they were busy enjoying the simple pleasures of nature, and could make their disgusting chores look fun. Royal T. Honeycutt captured the spirit of an era in this well written book. The Adventures of Buckfart, Seabiscuit, Pedro and the Gang is amusingly filled with antics of the boys and their families, while sprinkled with sadness.


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