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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Book Review: Death Dues

Another day - another murder; another wedding - another expense. All this just leads to more workloads and headaches that Detective Joe Rafferty doesn't need in his already stressful life. When John "Jaws" Harrison, a loan shark's bullying bill collector is found dead in the alley of a run down neighbourhood, the Detective and his partner, Sergeant Llewellyn, discover that solving this crime will not be as easy as they had assumed. Most of the neighbours owed Jaws money and had good motives for wanting him to get his Death Dues. But no-one is anxious to talk to the police.

Rafferty's fiancee, Abra, is determined to have the wedding of the century, and doesn't care how much it will cost. Poor Rafferty does his best to remind her that he's the one paying the bills on his meagre salary, but that doesn't go well with Abra. He decides to cut costs using the contacts he knows, but things always seem to backfire.

I thought Rafferty and Llewellyn made a good team, as Rafferty is street smart, raw around the edges, and knows how to get useful information from people to help his cases. Llewellyn, on the other hand, is the tactful, intellectual type who prefers to think things through, and will make ample use of the Internet. They make the perfect "good cop, bad cop" team.

Geraldine Evans penned a wonderful entertaining story. She paid attention to details which was seen in the description of places and scenarios being played out. I also thought the author had a sense of humour, and it showed in the colourful personalities of the characters. The ending was not what I was expecting, and that added to my confirmation that Geraldine Evans can write. Death Dues was worth the read.


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