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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Morning Sickness

Rick felt nauseous and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. His headache was not going away either and propped his head against the pillow, thinking about the night before. He had started having a good time at the party. It was lively, the food wasn't bad and the drinks flowed like a river. In fact, the atmosphere was just right.

Rick had been sitting at the bar savouring the flavour of his second or third whisky, when Jenny walked into the room. She saw him and smiled as she made her way through the crowd. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hi Jenny, can I get you a drink?"

"A glass of red wine would be fine." Rick gave Jenny the wine and they strolled the garden before sitting in the gazebo behind the hibiscus hedge.

"It's a fun party. I wish Brad could have made it," he commented, listening to the music playing and occasional laughter from the guests.

"Me too, but he had another meeting. It seems we never spend time together anymore," Jenny said, sighing deeply. Rick looked closely at her face and saw tears forming. He put his arms around her and Jenny burst into tears, resting her head against his shoulder.

"Jenny, what's wrong? Did I say something to make you upset?"

"No, it's not you. Brad and I are having problems. I feel it's time we started a family, but every time I discuss it with Brad, he says he's not ready. Now he spends more time at the office than with me. I'm so unhappy!"

"Don't cry Jenny. Everything will be alright. I'm sure once Brad gets some of his hectic workload sorted out, he'll spend time with you. You know he's working hard to get the Briggs contract."

Rick consoled Jenny before giving her a quick kiss on the mouth. Jenny held onto him, responding to the kiss. His hold tightened and he began to caress Jenny, moving his hands over her body. The next thing Rick knew they were having sex. He apologised to Jenny when they were finished, but she had given a blushing look, mumbling something before running off.

Rick looked everywhere for Jenny before realising she had left. Feeling crappy at his behaviour, he made himself comfortable at the bar and drank more whisky, hoping it would soothe his conscience. Rick groaned, punching the pillow as he remembered his actions last night.

"What the dickens have I done?  How could I have been so dumb? Okay, I wanted it badly, often thought about what it would be like to kiss Jenny, but to actually go through with it. Damn!"

The doorbell rang and the noise jarred his headache even more. It took all his strength to open the door and was surprised to see Brad. Feeling guilt wash over his body, he let Brad into the apartment.

"You look like hell," Brad commented, taking in his dishevelled appearance.

"Yeah, I've been there too!" Rick exclaimed, sitting down on the couch. Brad joined him.

"Something has been bothering me and I had to come to you."

Rick thought his heart was going to give out, fearing Brad's reason for coming by.

"I love Jenny and want to spend my life with her. We both want a family, but I haven't told her that the doctor said I can't have kids due to my illness years ago. It's embarrassing for me so I work more, avoiding her. Rick, I want you to sleep with my wife and get her pregnant. Please, do it for me!"

This wasn't what Rick expected to hear from Brad at all. He stared at his reflection sitting beside him. Brad was his twin brother and Rick would do anything for him, but this sudden request rendered him speechless. Rick felt the nausea suddenly rise in his mouth and ran to the bathroom, kneeling over the toilet.

"How am I going to deal with this?" was his last thought before passing out on the floor.

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