Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Review: Silly Socks

Book Blurb: Suzie has a dilemma on her hands when she has a look in her sock drawer. All of her socks have disappeared and she decides to go and find out where they could all be? Follow Suzie through her story as she discovers her socks are having fun hiding from her.

Book Review:

I was inspired to write part of my review in rhyming form as it seemed fitting when I read Silly Socks with its nice rhymes.

Little Suzie searches in despair
She needs a pair of socks to wear
Her sock drawer is so very bare
Suzie searches here and over there
Still cannot find a pair anywhere!

Oh, look! I think she found one in a shoebox
But where's the other foot and rest of socks
Hey, isn't that a pair sitting in her thong?
Wearing socks in your thongs is so wrong

I think Suzie's patience is finally running out
She is tired of searching and begins to pout
How can she stop her socks from hiding away?
Keep them in the drawer and they should stay

Keeping socks together always seem to be a problem and Sandra Novello cleverly expressed how frustrating it can be in her children's book, Silly Socks. Young readers are often guilty of tossing their socks all over the place, and they will love the funny search Suzie takes them on to find hers. The beautiful illustrations enhance this very short story even more. The author teaches kids in an entertaining way the importance of keeping their socks together.


Here are the links to Sandra Novello's book.

Amazon:      Silly Socks

Goodreads:  Silly Socks

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