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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Book Reviews: 200 Homophone Jokes for Wordplay Lovers & English Laughs Best

Book Review:

"We don't stop laughing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop laughing." - (Michael Pritchard)

If you are tired of hearing or repeating the same jokes and puns at parties, the office or other gatherings, then you will welcome 200 Homophones for Wordplay Lovers by Razvan Macovei. This book offers a stimulating variety of amusing anecdotes. It is also very useful for persons who are studying English or want to study the language. A handy Key to Joke Comprehension at the back of the book lists the content with explanations, in case readers do not understand the anecdote. The book contains witty sketches too.

What does a cannibal say after the first date? - "I would like to gnaw you better."

"Rooster found dead with an egg next to it. Police suspect fowl play."

The above are two examples of jokes that Razvan Macovei wrote in his book.

Here are links to 200 Homophones for Wordplay Lovers.

Amazon                                                    Goodreads


"When humour goes, there goes civilization." Erma Bombeck, American Humourist

English Laughs Best: 300 Fabulous Pun Jokes to Learn English is another entertaining book by the author that I have read. His primary goal when writing this book was to make people smile. The second reason was to enrich a person's vocabulary with useful idioms and phrases. 

Why is punctuation so hard to digest? - It gets stuck in the colon.

Why are sculptors great lovers? - They put their spouses on a pedestal.

Razvan Macovei has included an Appendix and Pun Mind Map, which contains key words or image association that will make the jokes easier to remember. Due to the content of some cartoons and jokes, English Laughs Best: 300 Fabulous Pun Jokes to Learn English is more appropriate for teens and older persons.

Here are the links to the author's book.

Amazon                          Goodreads

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