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Monday, 20 April 2015

Book Review: The Three Little Monsters & the Ghost of Wisdom Woods

Book Blurb:

Three little monsters are trying to score scare points to avoid going back to school, so they won't have to see evil Dr. Booshilla. But will a visit from 2 young kids give them a scare that they were not expecting?

Book Review:

The Three Little Monsters and the Ghost of Wisdom Woods is a lovely children's story by Jessica Snape. Gruesome, Grouch and Grumble are three little monsters who live in a house in Wisdom Woods. Gruesome enjoy scaring people at bedtime; Grouch is very grouchy, especially when his sleep is disturbed, and Grumble who is bossy, likes telling the others what to do. 

The monsters keep their house neat so they can attract humans to scare. If they do not accumulate enough scare points within a few days, then they will have to return to Ghoul School to report to evil Dr. Booshilla, every monster's nightmare. Their problems increase when a ghost they never knew was living in their basement scares kids who enters the house, ruining their chance to gain points.

Jessica Snapes writes very nicely and displays her active imagination in this amusing story. The concept of the story is good with an adorable, but quarrelsome cast of characters who bring the story to life. I could also sense the monsters' fear when they spoke of Dr. Booshilla and Ghoul School. The Three Little Monsters and the Ghost of Wisdom Woods is a fun book to read and children will like it a lot.


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