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Monday, 12 May 2014

A Pesty Problem

Smelly Sock

"Were you a fly on the wall? What did you overhear?" asked Crawlos Cockroach, as he made himself comfortable on an old smelly sock that was tossed in the dumpster.

Fanny Fly

"It's just awful," Fanny Fly replied. "I was flying around looking for a delectable place to land, when I noticed the back door to Chick "N" Chips was opened, so I flew in and saw the cooks frying some mouthwatering food. You know they make the best potato wedges in the neighbourhood, don't you?"

"Yep, I like the seasoned ones best," Robbie Rat said, while nibbling on a half eaten pizza he found in the garbage." Anyway, what's all the buzzing you were making about?"

"Well, there I was, a fly on the wall, (literally) when two men walked through the door, and I recognised one of them. He's Pete, the exterminator."

"I know Pete, and he's an annoying character," Crawlos Cockroach commented, shaking his head.

"He sure is. I heard him tell the other man that the neighbourhood is overrun with pests, and he and his colleagues are going to swat us out tomorrow by doing more in depth spray jobs and setting extra traps and baits."

"What!" exclaimed Crawlos Cockroach. "Why can't these humans let us live in peace? We're not troubling anyone. All we want is food to eat and shelter, just like them?"

"That's right, and some of the food they cook doesn't even taste great. We're doing them a favour by eating that crap they toss in the garbage," Robbie Rat complained, licking his greasy paws.

"What are we going to do?" Fanny Fly asked. "The last time they sprayed the area where the Fish Bowl Restaurant is, I lost my aunt Mildred and a couple dozen cousins when they dined there."

"I lost one of my brothers when he was caught in a trap at someone's home," lamented Robbie Rat. "It's becoming more difficult to survive around here, with critters like Pete putting us down every chance they get."

The Solution

"We really have a serious problem, but I think I have a solution."

"Let's hear it, Cockroach," said Robbie Rat.

"We have to spread this terrible news via the grapevine as soon as possible to the other rodents and insects. Tell them to stay off the streets tomorrow and hang out in another location for a few days. We don't know how long Pete will take, or how effective his stuff will be this time. Sometimes it works, other times it's harmless as a baby."

"Good idea. I know a few probably won't listen to the warning, and will most likely die. However, there is safety in numbers, so let's make sure everyone sticks together as much as possible," suggested Robbie Rat. "I think I'll take my family to spend a few days in the country with my cousin, Mickey, on his farm. The fresh air will be a welcome change."

Robbie Rat

"Don't these humans know they can't kill us off with their pesticides and traps? We will always be here, long after they're gone. Every time they crush one of us, another rodent or insect will be there to take its place," Crawlos Cockroach commented, jumping off the sock.

"Now that's the truth," Fanny Fly agreed. "I love fly fishing so I'll  buzz all my family and friends, and we'll head on down to Fishermen Wharf for a few days too. The catch is always great, especially when it comes fresh from off the boats."

The Revenge

The Gathering

"I was thinking that when things return to normal around here, we should get our revenge for what Pete and his friends put us through," suggested Crawlos Cockroach, rubbing his antennas together.

"Got a plan?" asked Robbie Rat, excited at the thought of revenge.

"You bet I do! As soon as we inspect the place when we return, why not invite everyone we know to spend a few days with us. That will surely drive them crazy, wondering what to do about the sudden invasion of rodents and insects."

"It certainly will, especially after their recent attack on us. I love the plan!" Fanny Fly exclaimed, laughing.

"Good, now I'm going to gather my brood and do a bit of rock climbing. There are some nice ones with plenty of space to crawl under. It's a lot of fun and the perfect place to hang out for awhile," Crawlos Cockroach said, as he crawled out of the dumpster.

"I passed a picnic in the park on the way here, so maybe I'll stop there on the way to Fishermen Wharf and grab a bite of those delicious looking cupcakes they have. Who knows, it could be the last thing we'll eat, if we don't survive," Fannie Fly commented with a buzz, as she flew away.

Delicious Cupcakes

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