Thursday, 15 May 2014

Quintet of Radiance Award


Unbelievable!! There I was, responding to comments on my blog and re-read Vishal Bheeroo's comment stating that he nominated me for an award on May 9th, 2014. Convinced I had misinterpreted his reply, I hopped over to Vishal Bheeroo's blog @ to scan his post again.

My muse reminded me that I had left a congratulatory comment on his post. I read the post again and was surprised to see that he had in fact, nominated me for the Quintet of Radiance Award! It appears I had overlooked my name ( #2) on the list of nominees in my happiness to congratulate Bheeroo. Who can blame me as I wasn't expecting it to be on the list either. This is my second award since May 1st 2014, so I'm feeling overwhelmed right now, but humbled with gratitude. What have I done to deserve them?That is the question that puzzles me.

Vishal Bheeroo is a blogger whom I admire very much with his bright upbeat personality, and interesting blog posts. I believe that the AtoZ April Challenge made me more aware of how talented bloggers like Vishal really are. I saw more of their work on a daily basis, thus making me appreciate what they wrote, as their personalities shone even more from the words.

The award was given to Vishal Bheeroo by Ananya Kiran @ Thank you too Anya for making this happen.

The Rules for the Quintet of Radiance Award:

1.   Display the badge in a post.

2.   Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back - Vishal.

3.   Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phase.

4.   Nominate a few bloggers.

The AtoZ About Me:

Doting Mom
Enjoys solitude
Fun loving
Hates uninvited visitors
Like coffee and sweets
Make a mean rum cake
Not a quitter, but a twitter
Tale teller, not tattle teller
Unyielding to peer pressure
Voracious reader
Willing to try new things
Xmas lover
You want a romance story, don't check me! I get writers block with this genre.
Zippy person

This part is difficult with so many wonderful bloggers. I've been poking my brain deciding which bloggers to select. The decision is even harder than the first nomination I received.

My Nominees are as follows: 

Teagan Tearney     

Morgen Bailey                

Debi Oneille

Chris Graham            

Christine Campbell

These bloggers that I have chosen have been significant influences in my life. Their writing advice have helped me to improve my writing skills, and other areas pertaining to writing. Thank you!

Please feel free to comment.

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